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  1. My dealer seems to think this will be brought forward in the coming weeks as she said they 'push all cars as far right as possible when looking at spec and then bring them forward one by one'..
  2. I've just been on live chat and my unconfirmed build week has gone from 33 to 37🙁 Which is week beginning 13 Sept. Although I've ordered the Clubsport not the R (please don't shoot me)
  3. I've been told unconfirmed build week 33 which is August by my dealer but she said apparently this will 100% be brought forward in the next few weeks😬
  4. He proceeded to tell me that "August is the provision we have for the time your order was placed"😐
  5. How have you guys got hold of your unconfirmed build weeks? I've asked a couple of times on live chat and been told 'We don't have access to that information'
  6. Thanks mate. Been offered a standard Gti through VW directly but checked on insurance quotes for the clubsport and they’re surprisingly low so now i’m waiting for the dealer to get back to me on a clubsport quote in Monday😄
  7. Anyone see and half decent clubsport lease deals?
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