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  1. What does the paper work include? Just curious for when mine comes along
  2. Gone from unconfirmed BW 41 to 30 today. Still poor considering i ordered Feb 1st but i’ll take the good news.
  3. This explains why i have a build week 41 on my clubsport despite ordering 01/02😂 Telford have been useless.
  4. Sounds like you’re in a similar situation to me. I placed my order on 29th Jan, got the order form through 1st February (although mines for a Clubsport). Had an unconfirmed build week from live chat 6 weeks ago which was BW44... For some reason they can no longer update me on this. Dealer has stopped responding. Last update i got 2 weeks ago was “The order is still the same”. Useless.
  5. If i haven't got a confirmed build week by the end of June i'll by cancelling
  6. It may of come forward but the useless live chat will now no longer give out unconfirmed build weeks and i've stopped pestering the dealer.
  7. Probably won't be much better. I ordered my clubsport 29th Jan and have an unconfirmed 44.
  8. Had another update direct from my dealer today, she says "I spoke with Volkswagen and they have assured me that whilst they manage the back log of Golf orders, they push all of the orders as far back as they are able to, and then place them into a build slot This vehicle should have a closer and more realistic build week confirmed very soon."😕
  9. Tell me about it. I'm hoping its some sort of mistake
  10. Had the order form through from the dealer on 1st Feb
  11. Just spoke to live chat, they have now told me its at unconfirmed BW44😂 I give up. Will speak to my dealer this week to see whats actually going on but anything past a July build i'm cancelling.
  12. Still no movement on my unconfirmed week 30 for my Clubsport. Although, live chat have just told me that 'this is due to a backlog that has nearly been worked through' and that i should see my order move forward significantly in the next few weeks.. Interesting
  13. Fingers crossed. I don't think i'll believe anything until i'm actually sat in the car!
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