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  1. Hi everyone Wondering if s3 hubs can go onto the mk6 golf r as they are lighter than the cast version for 1 and 2nd does anyone know if the offset would be changed. Want to light up the front end a bit.
  2. Hey yellow,  just wondering can you use s3 hubs on the mk6r? S3 hubs are alloy mk6r are cast and heavy 

    1. YELLOW_TT


      Sorry I don’t know but would be interested if you find out 

    2. Puregrey6r


      I know they fit but worry about the offset especially on stock wheels. I put out a post. So let's see if anyone gets back to me. Any more updates on your car?

  3. Has anyone on this this platform used s3 hubs to lighten up the front end?
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