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  1. Any thoughts on what I have said above anyone as i am picking car up Monday and don’t want to drive off if they are trying to pull a fast one as I never thought vw would accept oil around bottom of engine as acceptable? cheers
  2. So it went in today they have said the water pump and thermostat housing need replacing as they are leaking this is going to be done under warranty. As for the oil they say misting of oil where located is acceptable and if I had not raised it they would not have told me on the health check after service. Does this sound correct to you guys ?
  3. Ok mate thanx for that I will try and have a look oil was changed 6 months ago. Let’s hope vw check the things you have said. Checked it mate it’s all black no yellow insert.
  4. It’s only by one bolt drivers side corner at the rear mate and it it is above as well rest of the sump is absolutely bone dry no oil at all, wish I had took a bloody picture now 🙈 I have the oil changed every 6 months regardless of milage once at vw and interval a vw tech I know does it. He said he noticed it but cleaned it off as he thought it was just over spill. I’m just worried if a tech at vw who maybe not so experienced will just take easy way and say it’s sump without proper investigation first. I appreciate all the advice your giving me mate 👍
  5. Thanx for that mate much appreciated, I have managed to get it up on a ramp and looking at your picture it seems to be on the right hand side weeping through a corner bolt attaching sump but mechanic couldn’t really tell looking up if it was coming down from higher ? Being fair to him he knows I’m a right control freak and said he hasn’t really worked on golf R engines except basic servicing so best to let vw find source. I’ve just noticed drips on my drive but can only have been from past week as I normally check.
  6. Not seeing it in the ground, plastic drain plug would that not be dead centre at bottom of sump? Or if you can advise I will have a look. Cheers 👍 Your right mate shit does happen and being honest I should get a grip of myself but gets me so work up lol fingers crossed but I’ve read so many horror stories about vw techs messing crap up I’m dreading it.
  7. I service and look after my cars religiously but know people that never service their cars and never have a problem! How is karma doing this to me 😢 The reason for my rant found an oil leak round by the looks of it from the sump area car only done 38 thousand miles and I treat it like a queen. I really do give up and I’m dreading what vw say when it goes in on Friday for them to look at. Only reason taking to them as it’s under warranty I’m already bracing myself for them to try and wriggle out of doing anything without charging me 😢
  8. As Keano has said mate probably helps mine that they are 8.5J and ET44 but I’m really happy with the look of it now 👍
  9. No mate not been lowered, most people who have seen it say it doesn’t need lowering so I’m going to leave it for a while to make my mind up. I think being a black car helps though.
  10. Racingline 360 put on with pilot sport 5 tyres
  11. So got wheels put on with some pilot sport 5. I’m still not decided wether to lower yet 🙈 I still have 1 year vw warranty left and knowing my luck anything goes wrong they will say it’s not stock.
  12. That’s what I though mate being honest 👍
  13. Wow that’s a great price 👍 wish they were closer to me
  14. Oh man I’ve been quoted over £400 just to put springs on
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