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  1. Think it cost about £130 its called kwik fit GEO CARE if you look it up. I’ve just looked at mine and it was for 2 years not 3 sorry. that includes 8 - 4 wheel Hunter alignment and adjustment if needed. Im not sure if they still offer it though I took it out after getting new tyres fitted and getting the tracking done. Being honest have had really good service from my local Kwik fit for this plan and would recommend them.
  2. Had my 4 wheel alignment done at Kwik fit and then paid a little extra so got it done free every 3 months for 3 years
  3. I had this happen to me had about 4 months to go, answer is simple ring up VW and pay off the remaining balance on the current all in account give the system a few days to update then bobs your uncle start a fresh one. 👍
  4. Hi all went onto the online booking for sorting my service out I have an all in one plan running. The following options came up what is a supplementary scope ? I pressed on the I amd it just says the same thing lol
  5. They really have gone up I put clubsport discs and pads on the middle of last year came in at £550. If they were the price they are now back then I would not have bothered as being honest they do look a lot better but can’t say they are a massive performance difference over the standard ones I had on before. When your changing your discs may I suggest you do your brake lines I put some vw racingline braided ones on mine all round not to expensive if I remember correctly 👍
  6. It’s no wonder then that the Mk 7 R is holding it’s used value well
  7. Just bought some front AP mud guards for my car from Awesome GTi can’t find matching rears or do people just have them on the front ? any pictures you have with them fitted would be appreciated. I have an MK 7 estate not sure if that affects the rear ?
  8. Had this on mine about 3 months ago, try moving selector backwards and forwards a lot of times it then cleared on mine, fortunately it was logged and vw put a new gear selector in under warranty. In USA they did a recall for this not here in Blighty though lol
  9. I’ve seen your car a few times at my daughters school looks nice on those wheels 👍
  10. Personally I hate auto hold and it’s permanently turned off 🙈 I just can’t get used to it at islands when it’s holds you when you want to get away or stop for a few seconds. Probably me not using it properly lol
  11. I have a service book for my R 👍
  12. If the coolant had been recently changed for any reason could have been an airlock worked its way out. As said above water pump & Thermostat housing are a known weak point I’ve had mine changed about 6 months ago under warranty.
  13. If I was going to refresh my suspension I would go Eibach springs supposed to be near oem but lower but not to low and not a harsh ride,I would change the shocks all round for new standard ones also if budget allowed top mounts and bump stops.
  14. Put lower engine cover on after reading about it on the forum, east peasy and does tidy it up well.
  15. You’re a P way man ? I hope your not one of those who never acknowledges us drivers when we blow the horn at you 😆
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