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  1. I followed the tips about using Scholl concepts and used the S40 with an orange pad when the R was first delivered to get the paint in immaculate condition. I then used Zaino Z2 Pro sealant and then topped it off with Zaino Z8 Grand Finale. It works very well. I also used the Gyeon Q2 Rim sealant on wheels and brake calipers and so far it has worked very well. The wheels come up clean as do the brake calipers. I have tried the Swissvax waxes with the exception of Crystal Rock. I found Best of Show to not be a good as some of the Zymol waxes. Zymol Concours, Glasur and Destiny etc are all
  2. So after having the TPIs and software updated to 1896 a couple of weeks ago, most gremlins seem to have gone. Ones still present which now seem to occur more often are : - rear assist - side assist In terms of Weconnect errors, mine often appears to think the rear boot is unlocked when it is not.
  3. Just checked the hardware in mine Device part number 5H0035816G Hardware H56 Software 1896 Display unit/control panel hardware : H41 Display unit/control panel software : 3074 Navigation Database 22.1 Carried out the same screen tasks as in the video Andy-B posted and it seems to be slightly slower but not much. Certainly nothing that you would notice unless you were looking for it.
  4. Combination of reasons : - car was bought for my other half. She does not do much mileage normally but with the pandemic mileage is even lower. - we have other cars including a BMW 530E - we use that mostly, as a lot of our journeys can be done using electric only which has been useful during the various fuel shortage periods. The 530E is going shortly as I have a BMW i4M50 currently on the way which should be in the UK next week. Fault wise I have experienced - freezing a/c controls where nothing works - popping sound from overhead centre console when connecti
  5. Just got car back from 1st service which took them 2.5 days as I gave them a list of errors plus all the TPIs that applied to the car. They say that they are all fixed but I will take that with the proverbial pinch of salt. Managed to do a total of just over 500 miles in the car since new. 🥵 not yet run in.
  6. Fully agree that VW should be more open about this and distribute information to owners. Unfortunately, VW has a history of being less than open with their customers and this compounded with the fact that they do not really have a great track record in IT systems in cars makes the customer situation unacceptable. I think we have a long way to go on resolving the system gremlins in the Golf R unfortunately.
  7. Yes that section caught my attention too. It seems to be saying do not reboot the system by this method as it will cause problems. This is interesting as this method of resetting the system has been recommended on this forum for some time and no doubt lots of members have used it. It implies that a reboot whilst the car is in journey causes some form of corruption/fault with the system.
  8. Thought it might be an idea to start a topic about some little gremlins that I have come across so far in case anyone has encountered the same. Car charging via Qi charger underneath 2 USB sockets. There are two/three issues so far with this .. 1. VW have installed an NFC chip in the same location as the Qi charging pad so that mobile key software can read the mobile key if your phone supports this feature (feature currently only supported on Android) VW are working on the IOS version. Apple use NFC to trigger tags which apps can then autostart on. The only app that uses these t
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