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  1. After driving the car yesterday for the first time, I am glad I chose DCC with the 19 inch wheels. Even so I found the ride quite nuggety even on comfort. I have not yet checked the tyre pressures and I guess the tyre brand fitted could alsos make an appreciable difference. I lucked out on the tyre sweepstakes and ended up with Bridgestone Potenza S005 on mine which I suspect might be a hard riding tyre. I will do some more investigation today.
  2. After using the car yesterday, I noticed that the rear camera display does not switch off after you engage forward gear - it seems to remain on until you press X on the screen. So it would appear you can drive on with the rear camera showing the rear view even though you are going forward.
  3. Further update on this after I drove the car for the first time yesterday back to the dealers for a fault to be investigated - rear wiper arm just spins around - requires new wiper arm and possibly new wiper motor. Anyhow when you insert the Iphone into the charging cubicle it says charging commenced and then around 30 -45 second Slater it comes up with a dialogue on the Discover screen saying Unable to charge and prompts you to press OK on the screen. You must press OK on the screen and you cannot enter any other touch commands on the screen until you do this. OK on the steering wheel has no effect. So you do this and then 30-45 second later it repeats saying unable to charge press ok. It does this ad infinitum and is very annoying. Removing the Iphone from the charging cubicle and putting it in the centre cupholder cured this.l
  4. Spec is Lapiz, PP, DCC, Nappa leather,Head Up Display, Rear view camera, Discover Pro, Harman Kardon, Digital Key, Winter pack with front and rear heated seats, Parking assist.
  5. As I understand the feature it does not upshift when hitting the rev limiter but it will not downshift if doing so would cause the revs to exceed the rev limiter.
  6. There is a small window of time between build week confirmed and spec becoming non changeable.
  7. During the selection process for the supplying dealer, I asked all the carwow dealers and 2 local ones if they had a unsold Golf R coming through that could be spec amendable to my spec. Two of the prospective dealers did and i went with the one who could supply the car for the best price which just happened to be one of my local dealers.
  8. I have PP with DCC but as yet have not used any of the additional driving modes as I have only done 24 miles in the car since pickup🤫. I do think the car looks better with the PP rear spoiler and 19 inch wheels and I guess we now have an answer as to the interaction between PP and DCC. The feature where the DSG does not auto upshift when hitting the red line is of interest.
  9. I think it is fair to say that the software VW have implemented to control the car systems via the infotainment system is not the best ... It is like they have employed software designers who have avoided going on any user interface design courses. Simple things like putting the windscreen wipers in service position require dipping into the menus to find it and on startup there is a delay whilst the system boots up, so something that you can do easily on other cars takes a lot more effort on the Golf. I had a software update yesterday come through which updated the system quickly.
  10. Yep I specced Digital Key which means that the car is equipped with NFC so that the Mobile Key can work - I think it also means I get a couple of extra feature on We-Connect. Unfortunately, until VW release support for IOS then this is all useless. I have some barely used standard Apple cases such as the leather one and the silicone one but the protection offered by the Tech21 case is in a different league to the standard Apple cases. The VW Qi charger in the Golf R is the only one that exhibits this inability to charge - I have Qi charger in both my BMWs no problem there, Apple Qi chargers no problem plus quite a few other Qi chargers and all work fine with the Tech21 case. I don't really want to switch to Android as I have mostly Apple tech. Unfortunately you cannot switch off NFC on IOS.
  11. I would agree with Matt's comments about the plastic trim in both cars. Even though I went for the upgraded Nappa leather which is nice. The outer trim panels in the front and rear doors are very hard plastic that remind me of a VW Polo I had many years ago. The leather look inserts that you get with the Nappa upholstery also feel and look well plastic. The carpets in the Golf R are also VW Polo quality too.
  12. The rear camera feature is neatly designed as the rear camera is hidden underneath the rear VW boot handle. When you engage reverse the boot handle rises up to an angle of 30-40 degrees so that the rear camera can show the rear view. This design means that the rear camera remains clean as it is protected by the rear boot handle - a good idea when the rear hatchback gets so dirty.
  13. Thought it might be an idea to start a topic about some little gremlins that I have come across so far in case anyone has encountered the same. Car charging via Qi charger underneath 2 USB sockets. There are two/three issues so far with this .. 1. VW have installed an NFC chip in the same location as the Qi charging pad so that mobile key software can read the mobile key if your phone supports this feature (feature currently only supported on Android) VW are working on the IOS version. Apple use NFC to trigger tags which apps can then autostart on. The only app that uses these triggers on my Iphone is Apple Pay so every time you put the Iphone onto the charging pad up springs the Credit Card in the Apple wallet associated with Apple Pay with the double click to pay screen. You can swipe up to minimise the screen but you have to do this every time you place the Iphone on the pad. Apparently the same problem exists on other car manufacturer Qi charging pads that put their NFC chip there (Mercedes, BMW etc) although I don't get the problem on my G30 530E. 2. The Qi charging pad does not appear to like my Tech21 Iphone case - every other Qi charger I have (and I have a lot) is fine and will charge no problems. The one in the Golf R does not and the only way to get it to charge would appear to be to take the case off the Iphone. 3. The car comes complete with a digital credit card valet key if you go for the Digital key option but the only way this can be enabled is if you have a valid mobile key on your smartphone and as the IOS version is not yet released this key is useless for Iphone users until this occurs.
  14. Sales exec seemed to think it was a halt due to shortage of a key component - I was sceptical about it which is why I asked if other VW dealers are saying the same ....
  15. Picked up my R today and according to the VW dealer , VW have halted production of the Golf R as they are short of one critical part. He said that new orders now go into a queue which is essentially a waiting list that is getting longer by the day.... Would be interesting to know if other VW dealers are indicating this is the case.
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