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  1. I think I will add the navigation system to the list of gremlins. Took a trip today to Costco in Farnborough. There are bad roadworks on the A31 so took a short cut off which I knew was in the right direction and then tried to enter Costco Farnborough as the destination. First problem it does not seem to know about Costco Farnborough but does know about Costco Reading. Costco Farnborough is around 4 or 5 years old so perhaps the VW Navigation Map data is not shall we say "up to date". Ok so then tried Farnborough Airport which is where Costco is - the VW Navigation recognised this and plo
  2. Yep sometimes it does and sometimes it does not. No idea why
  3. The Autoexpress opinion piece by Mike Rutherford is 100% accurate in what it says. When you combine what the article says with the software bugs prevalent in the infotainment system which do exist then the situation is worse than the article describes.
  4. Jacked the car up and checked the front passenger side - no transportation blocks in place so I guess the harsh ride is a combination of the VW recommended tyre pressure (46psi) and the very stiff side walls of the Bridgestone tyres. You probably do need to jack the car up to see this easily.
  5. Think I will jack the car up tomorrow and check to see if the blocks are still in mine.
  6. Bought some BH Auto Mac and used it today to wash the wheels which I detailed with Gyeon Quartz Rim coating. Very impressed with the BH Auto Mac it works and stops rust forming on the discs after the wheels have been washed. Tried it on three cars and it worked well on two of them. On BMW M discs it seems slightly less effective with just a little rust forming. Overall a great product.
  7. Been driving the car a bit more - tyre pressures are set as VW recommend which I think is too high. I find the ride quite harsh in all modes - first thing I do when getting in the car is switch to individual where I have set DCC to the softest setting which I find the best ride. Still jars on badly surface roads which I think is more the Bridgesone tyres than the car. I am used to firm riding cars - for example my CSL on Michelin PS4S is quite firm riding. I guess the Bridgestones might be good on track but for the badly sufaced potholed UK roads not so good in my experience.
  8. I did purchase the Raceglaze filter after seeing it in one of your detailing threads 👍. I already had a 18inch 30ppm Aqua Gleam filter and a 30inch 0ppm AquaGleam filter which were new. On all my other cars which are either grey or silver I had never needed to use them to avoid water marks as I dry the cars using microfibre towels such as Sonus Der Wunder towels and now the Gyeon Silk microfibre drying towels (again as recommended by your goodself🙂). I have now constructed the mother of all deionsing systems where the 18 inch 30ppm filter is first which then feeds the 30inch 0ppm filter which
  9. Yep I have exactly the same issue. I had not started the car for around 10 days and started it up lastnight. Mobile coverage is patchy where i live and it took ages to start the screen with a please wait message. I then came uop saying Internet connection not availbe due to max privacy settings and suggested I change the settings. Going into change settings caused the system to just hang because there was no internet connection to the VW servers. Left the car parked for ten minutes or soi and came back to restart it and now there was Internet available and it was connected to VW servers so the
  10. Checked mine the other night after seeing these pics - fortunately all mine are ok and look perfectly aligned.
  11. I purchased this one from Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08NT4GJ33/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It links via wifi to your Iphone/Ipad/Android and works very well.
  12. As per Bec's request here are more details and photos of what is required to fit the gas strut. Firstly, the parts required from your VW Dealer are as shown in the list. In addition to the above two parts you will need at least two washers big enough to fit in front of the bonnet ball pin fixing location and behind it plus a M10 nut to fasten. Here is a photo of the size of washer I used. In order to get access behind the area where you fasten the bonnet ball pin, it is best to remove the bonnet sound insulation pad. It is held in place by three push clips as sh
  13. I ordered the Lockwood sills and fitted them last week - they fit well and look good. My only reservation about them is they have the Lockwood logo on them.
  14. Finally received all the parts on Friday and fitted it. You don’t actually need the two clips I mention as the strut supplied by VW already has them on. Fitting is a little tricky as access behind the hole where the bonnet ball pin goes is tight particularly if you try and do this with the bonnet sound insulation pad fitted. Remove this pad and it becomes easier- the pad is held by three clips which need squeezing together to come out. I ended up dropping two of the washers when trying to do this with the sound insulation in place and they ended up being stuck in the bonnet cavity until I
  15. Can well believe that the S005 is great on track but those reasons why it might be great on track are also perhaps the reasons why it might not be the best road tyre. 🤔
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