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  1. I had a Cupra from Leasing options, they are good but just seem to be a broker, because they sorted me a car from leaseplan in the end, Lease plan are very good, i paid maintenance and they replaced the tyres, had the windows switch repaired when it broke, the only quibble i had was that if im paying maintenance they send you off to get your car serviced at some back street garage. One of these back street garages told me something they shouldn't have and i put in a serious complaint to leaseplan and they was not happy too and an investigation followed.
  2. Im currently working on that too, extra locks, new front door soon, Also the keys are well out of the way.
  3. Thanks for the tip, something i will have a go at tomorrow.
  4. Bought faraday box + 2 pouches, arrived by post, attached a steering lock and blocked the car in with the wife's seat ibiza, sorted out gap insurance, swapped insurance companies because bell wanted me to fit a black box, (avoid them btw) sorting out ghost security tomorrow, all i need next is the military guarding the car.
  5. i love it, the black really goes well with the wheels. The cupra was black and it showed muck really badly, especially when it rained, i said to myself i would not get a black car again after it went, but yeah i couldn't resist this one.
  6. I was thinking of that, Anyways im gonna post 2 pics of the car i collected, i know some of you maybe sick of seeing the same car over and over! 😛
  7. lol! toyota prius's are rife around here as taxi's!
  8. lol, no up near bolton. i ditched bell insurance as they wanted me to use a black box! After reading reviews on trustpilot i cancelled straight away and now im insured with elephant, for £80 less, profit. They asked my why am i cancelling, i said because your sending me a black box, im insulted! i said im not 17 yrs old you know!
  9. Yeah i was wondering if the squeak came from the suspension but i bounced the car this morning, it wasn't that. So im glad. it only started when the wife sat in the passenger seat, just a note my maude isn't obese or owt. its gonna be a bugger to find, i cannot seem to decide where abouts its coming from.
  10. Yesterday when i bought the car, i had a quote off them for the golf R for £2085!! Im 41 yrs old, 22 yrs no claims, not had a smash since i was 18, no points or bans,never refused insurance etc. When i used compare the market the cheapest i got was £611 with bell insurance. Are flux's quotes always so ludicrous? or is it because they do not want to insure the car due to it not having say ghost security fitted? Im looking to potentially mod the car in 3-6 months time i was hoping to get insured by them because they are mod friendly.
  11. I bought the car, I only found 3 minor faults that i can live with, 1) looks like some form of glue had been dropped on the paint work on the top of rear bumper 2) A bit of lacquer? has come away from one wheel, but not one scuff mark around the edge of any the wheels! 3) when the wife sat in the car on the way to her parents a squeak seemed to have developed somewhere in the car. I can post pics at request, no problem. The car is certainly an upgrade from the Cupra i was driving for the past 2 years and the R has some extra and better gizmos in
  12. I had a question too about fitting the TT pipe, Is it wise to put a bit of oil around the two o rings that slot into the turbo when fitting?
  13. I do intend to tune but not straight away, No im not being coerced to take finance im just attempting to keep the maude happy from doing a bank transfer, she's not happy about it. I will be sure to check out the warranty, no doubt it will not cover wear and tear, I have also just paid for a history check, there is nothing to worry about. It used to have a private plate on and the MOT was very recently completed, mileage checks out ok.
  14. 12 Months warranty and a Service if needed. I was going to finance to get out of doing the bank transfer and hopefully knock a few quid off the car, but in another thread i was reading it appears cars are holding their value really well.
  15. Im not afraid to pull out, even tho they have kept it for 4 weeks, i did tell them the ball is in their court if they want to pull out they can, its just that i had to wait for a house sale.
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