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  1. Good lord.... 46 weeks !!! I couldn't have lasted that long. I've an unconfirmed build wk17.... was originally wk19 but I'll believe that when I see it. Deposit wise, why are there so many different amounts being paid? I was originally going to buy through DTD and they wanted £1k for a car with a list price of £45.8k, but settled with AutoeBid who asked for £500 and the car is being supplied via Listers Nuneaton.
  2. A couple of weeks ago I contacted the dealer to add Pano Roof to my order. I was at stage 2 with supposed BW19. Still at stage 2. Does anyone know if, by ordering the Roof, that is likely to push my BW back further?
  3. I must admit that I'm feeling somewhat disappointed with VW right now. I don't mind paying good money where new hardware is required, but those options which appear to be simply coding changes... well the prices are ridiculous!
  4. Great photos. Imagine how fantastic it would be to test the car's drifting capabilities on those roads ❤️
  5. You're right, it's a safety feature whereby the system won't allow playback of MP4 video media unless the parking brake is on.
  6. This made me laugh because I did something along those lines today. Bored with the fact my order is still at the factory, I contacted the Dealer to tell them to add the panoramic roof. Mind you, they gave a 10% discount. I better get a confirmed date soon or I won't be able to afford fuel to drive it 😂
  7. I've seen black carbon ones being advertised for the Mk8
  8. I think the whole package looks fantastic - proper stealth look 👍
  9. That's a good point. Incidentally, I just tried the delete your car trick from My VW. Successfully deleted it but can't add it back again because it can't trace my order. I should leave these things well alone 🙄
  10. Same here. I wonder if that's a contributing factor 🤔
  11. Feel your pain! Did you order direct from a Dealer? Spec: Lapiz Blue Performance Pack DCC HUD Rear Camera Winter Pack Front seats Harmon Kardon Sound
  12. Newbie - first time Golf R buyer. Would seem that there are some vast differences in the time people are waiting to get their car. Ordered mine on 20 January, still at Stage 2 with my dealer providing an unconfirmed build week of wk 19. Seems ridiculous !
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