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  1. Apparently it needs a software patch to fix (where have i heard that before 🤔) which won't be ready until Qtr 3. I can live with that considering it's such a minor thing. I was starting to regret bringing it to the dealer's attention, but that defeats the object of buying a new car with warranty.
  2. Yes, I can turn it off (on) using the steering wheel (usually after 10 mins of driving when I've realised it's on lol) but that doesn't stop it coming on the next ignition cycle. Checked We Connect and my Tracker App this morning. The car has not moved, been started or anything like that since 22 June. I suspect VW's Tech team are a little on the slow side.
  3. I thought the same but, unlike everyone else it seems, my update resulted in a problem setting the preset for the heating steering wheel within Climate Settings. I can't select any option - it remains off. Despite showing as being off, the steering wheel comes on if 12° or less. I can't stop it. VW in Chester have had my car since Monday 20th.... they tried changing the steering wheel prior to then... no joy and they're apparently waiting on VW technical to get back to them.
  4. I believe the 8R only has one boot floor position because of the additional hardware. I have fitted the 5H0061161. Does the job.
  5. Hope this guy is ok, there's not enough done to deter the scum who do this.
  6. There's apparently a view my your parking position that comes as part of the online services, but I have no idea how this works.
  7. Same here. Car was serviced last week at 9400 miles and dealer reported car still has 5mm left on each corner.
  8. Great news that you able to pull the cable out sufficiently. I remember mine wouldn't come out any further than a few centimetres and didn't want to apply too much force. Any tips on how to do this and what's the tension like on yours now? I've noticed a few people have asked whether I could make the wiring bridge I used for them. I'm sorry for not replying previously, but I'm no auto electrician and I would be absolutely mortified if anything I created damaged your car in any way. That's not to say there's any problem with the bridge I made, it's been faultless, it's
  9. Mine did an update yesterday and now shows software version A986. Does this mean that the expected second large OTA (restoring voice control etc) will result in it then becoming 1896? I was on 1804 previously.
  10. Have to agree, those blue estorils do not look good.
  11. Almost 1 year to the day since I took delivery of my car and so I decided to renew my key(s) for another year. Surprisingly straightforward process and it only required 1 key unlike needing 2 last year when I set it up. As much as setting it up was a complete PITA, and the odd stubborn moment where it won't work gives passers by the impression I'm trying to steal my own car, it is a really useful feature if you have the right phone.
  12. No, mine still does it - dealer said he couldn't replicate it when they last looked. I've kind of accepted it now.
  13. Same happened to me last week but it hadn't repeated itself. I'm betting it was something to do with the OTAs. I had a further OTA yesterday, making it 3 in the last 2 weeks. Very odd.
  14. Anyone else suffering with gremlins after the recent OTA? I've received 2 OTA updates in the last 7 days and my infotainment system been super slow as a result. Everytime I start the car it opens with the Privacy page telling me there's new functionality. For the life of me I can't work out what's new. Today I lost audio altogether and this is the first time this has ever happened. Tried turning the car on off, restarting the infotainment etc.... nothing would work. 6 hours later it works. Bizarre!!
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