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  1. Doesn't the GTI CS have the same front discs? Can't find anything on other VW sites complaining of this - really weird but you're probably right in thinking it's not worth it.
  2. It's a bloody noisy characteristic at that šŸ¤£ Someone mentioned that it's likely to be a consequence of having drilled discs. Quick Google search supports this theory so will just have to live with it I suppose
  3. Sorry to hear that you can't pick your car up today. On the tyre front, I've read somewhere (probably here lol) that the Bridgestone fitted to the 8r are a better tyre than people first thought.
  4. I hope it does. - Ā£48 for the latest variant is nothing short of daylight robbery. VW should be wearing masks !!
  5. Yes it does, Rebecca. It's head and shoulders above the S-tronic and Mag ride I had on my previous car. I can't get over how much range there is between settings and I haven't started playing with my own setup in individual mode yet šŸ˜³
  6. Do you think your old 7r had a more comfortable ride than the 8r? I can't comment on this because my previous car was a TT and my 8r in comfort mode is far easier on my back.
  7. What car did you have previously? I've seen it mentioned elsewhere on here that some PDIs failed to remove the front suspension pucks. Have you checked this?
  8. I saw this the other day and (from memory) it was set to RHD. It wouldn't let me change it to LHD which led me to believe that only a dealer could change it?
  9. Be interesting to see what they say when they take a look
  10. I use the mobile (digital) key. Absolute pain in the aĀ£&e to set up but it now means my keys are safely locked away and I can turn keyless access off. Just hope I never lose my mobile šŸ¤£
  11. I took the wheels off and found nothing. I've found it's definitely wheel speed related.
  12. Everything running perfectly from the Infotainment point of view. Mine has software #1803 so hopefully that's a good sign. But I'm going to have to take the wheels off the car to investigate a clicking noise that increases with speed. Sounds like when you used to put a lolly stick on the rear wheel of bike (god that's revealing how old I am šŸ¤£). Anyone else his this annoying sound?
  13. Thanks and, you're right, it's just something that will take time. I forgot to mention...... this is my first Golf R and I absolutely love the Lapiz Blue. So glad I chose this colour.
  14. Mine arrived with Hankook Ventus fitted. I don't know where these fit in the league table of best performing tyres, but I found them to be very good
  15. Car arrived first thing this morning with just 10 miles on the clock..... straight forward handover and car is faultless. Happy days!! Then the Primary User palaver....... still traumatisedby that experience so forgive me if I pretend it never happened. Managed to get out in her this afternoon and, whilst I kept everything at a low tempo, this is a fantastic car to drive. Loved it and in Comfort mode it is so effortless. There is so much to learn and understand about the car and its features. It's not something you can just get in and drive. Having said t
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