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  1. Hi, don't know if you replied but I received an error code trying to view it?

    1. Booth11


      Hi Beetle 


      I did reply so thought you might receive the reply in an email notification.  The reason you cannot access the reply is because I’ve hidden the original status feed post.  However my reply to your original request was as follows:


      “Hi Beetle 

      No, that’s not something I do.  If members want to sell on the forum then it’s up to them to get the required post count and use the official channels (Classifieds).  And posting it on my status feed which is public is essentially bypassing the rules so would ask you not to do that please.  We have rules for good reason and most members do the right thing and follow them.  I’d ask you to do the same.” 

      Please appreciate that we have rules and we ask members of the forum to respect them.  It’s not my role as moderator to ‘spread the word’ about things you wish to sell on your behalf because you haven’t yet reached the eligibility to sell on the forum . The rules are clear.  

      As you cannot advertise on here as you’re not yet eligible then I’d suggest eBay etc.  Other options are open to you.  



    2. beetle1


      Ok, sorry, no offence meant or intended. Thanks

    3. Booth11


      No offence taken beetle, just clarifying the rules and situation. :)

  2. Hi there, wanted some advice, wondered if you could pm me so that I can reply, thanks

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    2. beetle1


      Thanks, Im potentially thinking of looking for a swap of my R for a white one and just wondered how you suggest Id do it?  

    3. Booth11


      Well there’s a couple of options but they do require you to have more posts. To access our full Classifieds section in full, you need 25 posts to see all categories.  To post an advert in Classifieds Cars for Sale you need 50 posts.  However I think the Cars Wanted section allows posting with just 25 posts (though not certain).  If so, you could post up a wanted advert stating about the swap.  However this must not be a for straight for sale advert.  Otherwise it’s a case of waiting till you have 50 posts to put up an advert in Cars For Sale, stating swap.  

    4. beetle1


      Ok, thank you


  3. Hi Rebecca, Im quite new on here, wondered if I could send a pm to you?
  4. Yes, really happy with it, as far as the tyres go, I don't really have an opinion on them! Just popped out to the shops and my wife noticed an illuminated 'R' when she opened the door! Nice touch.
  5. Collected today, short drive home, ready for a full ceramic coating etc on Monday.
  6. Yes, my dealer took the pictures, guess he knows Im clamouring at the thought!
  7. Sneaky look https://www.flickr.com/photos/133125995@N08/shares/4B08K1
  8. Totally agree, Ive owned every Mk of Golf except the 7.5 so it had to be done, really looking forward to it
  9. Well my salesman Russ contacted me today, I have to say its all been pretty smooth fortunately, Im looking to collect next week at a suitable time, all stickers etc to remain intact. Silly but I recently sold my Porsche 992 and previously had an RS4 but Im more excited about getting my hands on this! I'll keep you posted.
  10. Just had word, mine has arrived at the showroom!
  11. Just been on the tracker and mine is in the UK!!! Yes!
  12. Hi, really dont know what my build week was, I spoke to my salesman a while ago and got the tracking info and there it was
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