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  1. Thanks for checking, uneven is probably a better word yes. I can see some raised paint under the bonnet also, not sharp on mine though. I’m amazed at how heavy that bonnet is every time I lift it!
  2. When I run my hand around the inside edge of my rear wheel arches I can feel that the panel isn’t finished all that well. There is a jagged lip...is this the same for anyone else?
  3. I must admit if I had a similar budget as you I would of likely looked past the 8R. I always wanted a fast Audi or Merc estate but couldn’t reach.
  4. Based on a couple of the last videos I watched and comments people have made on mine I think opinion has changed on the 8R and most people think it looks really good. I would say most of the dislike comes pretty exclusively from 7.5R owners who are not ready or unable to upgrade. Give them time...
  5. I don’t think the dealers / finance companies are particularly worried about cosmetic stuff which can easily be reversed. The LLF guy massively increased the engine power which I guess can cause all sorts of issues further down the line.
  6. The 8R is pretty much never discussed in relation to it’s actual on paper rivals anymore (M135, S3, A35 AMG). Only discussed in relation to higher and more expensive models...I’ll take it as a compliment 😂
  7. Of all the things I was worried about, the infotainment system and the touch buttons turned out to be the biggest non-issue for me. The Youtube reviews really did blow it out of proportion.
  8. The app is fine, to be honest once you have an account and have set yourself up as the primary user in the car, you don’t really have to use the app ever again. No data plans or subscription plans or anything like that required.
  9. The dealer I ordered mine from said that they have not managed to get a showroom model for themselves as every time they order one someone buys it before it arrives. They also said that if I ordered an R today I wouldn’t get it this year. Guess there are a lot of delays due to availability of components...that might put people off.
  10. Touch wood I set most of these settings on day one and have hardly touched the infotainment since! 300 miles no glitches or errors yet! To be honest I don’t even turn off stop / start or lane assist...neither bother me that much.
  11. Enjoying it so far. Yes I live just outside of Cambridge so i’m sure you will see me driving about!
  12. ‘Horses for courses’ the R was never going to be at home on a tiny track like that. It’s quicker than the Clubsport around the Nurbergring and probably a bit quicker than the Clubsport in most real world scenarios. How accurate are these tests at any rate...so many different variables.
  13. Hi, Picked my Golf R up from Cambridge last week which I think was week 20. The build week for my car was week 13...so 7 weeks for me.
  14. How about if you turn off ‘Eco assist’ in the ‘Driver assist settings’? I’m sure I don’t ever see this message.
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