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  1. I replaced my 8R with an M240i x drive and have since added an M3 x drive,both cars an absolute delight. Had my fair share of VW issues due to having and 8R and Tiguan R at the same time last year,dont regret owning them but they did me a favour acting up therefore making me replace them.
  2. I had a 7.5R which was faultless and for the money a great car,8R turned into a bit of a let down in the end with slow throttle response and the well publicised issues. When I handed back the M240i I'd had for a test drive for 24 hours the underwhelming feeling I had driving away in my 8R meant it had to go. My wife has a Tiguan R which also has various issues so its days are numbered,back to BMW for my wife also once her car arrives. I've had various VWs and cant fault them until the 8R and Tig R so cannot see me having another for a while. The 128ti sounds like a great car,I've driven an M135i which was great to drive plus a very nice cabin and better than expected exhaust note. You are spot on about the BMW infotainment systems being so much better to use and look at plus they do exactly what they are meant to without any issues. I'm glad I experienced the 8R,it was fun to drive but never had that "wow" factor the 2 BMs have as they are constantly commented on plus a real "feel good" place to be when driving. Maybe comparisons in my head are a bit unfair due to the £10k+ difference in cost new(after discounts) between the 240 and R but it shouldn't be too much to ask of VW that a car works how it's meant to.
  3. I had an 8R for 17 months before switching to an M240i and M3x both with i drive 8,so far neither car has had a single issue which has been great after the 8R experience. The i drive 8 is extremely responsive and sharp compared to the R infotainment system.
  4. Looks like severe delays at Emden Port with regards to VW shipping capacity. https://cardealermagazine.co.uk/publish/dealers-complain-new-vw-audi-and-porsche-cars-stuck-in-huge-german-port-backlog/282757
  5. I got rid of an 8R after test driving an M240i x-drive (very rear wheel biased) which has 369bhp and 369 lb/ft of torque so very similar to the M2 you are considering and I'm loving the car. I've had a few M3s(last was 2010) and a mate currently has a 2017 M2 which is a great car to drive,personally for driving interaction I'd pick the M2 but memories of a few wayward moments in rear wheel cars have never left me. Like @mp2811 said depending on budget you should consider the M240i x drive,there are some decent deals on the pre i drive 8 cars and believe me you wont be disappointed.The B58 engine is phenomenal and the power pick up even in comfort is a pleasure plus the exhaust note is a big improvement on my former 8R.
  6. I had 30 days to pay the figure also once I had withdrawn from the agreement,the main thing is to state the notice of withdrawal within 14 days or from day 15 onwards its 59 days interest added even though you still have 30 days to settle from that point. Also did this last year with my wifes car and paid £4.25 per day x2 days and kept the finance contribution of £1750.
  7. When I did this with VW finance in 2021 I had 14 days to "withdraw" from the finance agreement and pay a small daily charge,after 14 days its 59 days of interest added as a penalty to settle the balance.
  8. I ditched my 8R after test driving a 240,I took delivery of one about 6 weeks ago and it can certainly be driven in a sporty manner if chosen plus really holds corners very well. The B58 engine is a treat and after driving the 240 once my wife wants rid of the 10 month old Tig R we have so an X3m40i has been ordered. After having a few Rs if the 240 suits peoples needs and budget I would certainly recommend it,along with a few others who also got rid of 8Rs for a 240i I can say you wouldn't be disappointed.The 8R was good when it worked but just not as good as the BMW. In my opinion I'd say it's unfair to compare the 8R to the 240 though,the cars are in different brackets. For an extra £6k/£7k list price over the 8R I'd say the 240 is good value,both cars soon jump in price though after adding options.
  9. M135i is same engine as Mini JCW at 306bhp, Cooper S was 196bhp and latest model a bit down on that.
  10. I will do,my wife previously had an X3M for a few years and the ride on country roads was a harsh one at times,I've heard the LCi model has addressed this slightly but to what extent I need to find out.If it's still too harsh the M40i will likely be a good alternative.
  11. I'm one of the people who has criticised both the 8R/Tiguan R software having had both in my drive up until a few months ago. I previously have owned a 7.5R before my 8R and found the 8R a much better car to drive than the 7.5R.The only downside is I feel the 8R/Tiguan R are slow to respond when you suddenly want to pick up speed,they both seem to want to have a little think what gear they need to be in before selecting it at lower revs. Overall as a drivers car taking out the software issues I feel the 8R is a definite improvement over its predecessor.
  12. We need a bigger car for the family which let's me pick whatever I want as the second car,the M340i is a good choice and believe me you will notice a considerable response in pick up over the Golf R. Many of the recent B58 engines seem to put out way more than they should,in the recent carwow dyno comparison video which included the 8R the M240i put out 582NM of Torque(I think from memory) which explains why the cars accelerate so well even in comfort mode.
  13. When I had a dealer M240i last summer for 24hrs it made me realise what I'd been missing,ordered as soon as I returned the car and no regrets whatsoever. I've tried various manufacturers over the years and BMW are definitely my favourite,VW were high in my opinion also until my recent experiences with their cars.
  14. Hi mate,I'm not going to have a new wheel fitted on my wifes car with the chance other issues will arise further into ownership.After the issues with my 8R when I owned it and many other peoples and now the Tiguan its least frustrating to get rid of it also.A mate has an Audi causing all sorts of issues also so I'm staying well clear of all VAG cars for a few years at least. By the end of this week my wife will have made up her mind what she wants BMW wise and it will be ordered so I will report back then,at this moment it looks like an X3M40i to go with my M240i.
  15. After having a 7.5R I was keen to have an 8R but my wife has had BMWs and got the Tiguan on my recommendation. I've got an M240i which is brilliant and the Golf acting up did me a favour, my wife is either going back to an X3M Comp if they have improved the ride quality which she had before the Tiguan or an X3M40I due to having kids and a dog to ferry about. Local dealer in the process of moving to bigger premises and calling on Wednesday regards test driving both models. It's not just the glitches in the VWs that are a let down,my wifes Tiguan has a list of about £57k (not that we paid anywhere near that due to DTD discount) and when I look at it I feel it's not worth anywhere near those figures due to poorly supportive leather seats and a bland dash like the Golf suffers from for starters.
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