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  1. I ordered an 8R in December 2020 and took possession of it in May 21,between my ordering and receiving my car the 1st Year VED increased £25 in April.This increase was not passed on to me when I settled the balance of the car in full so unsure if VW absorbed it or my car was exempt from the increase.
  2. It could well do,if my order progresses ok then something certainly isn't right regards to the 8R delays.
  3. I was expecting long build times and wasnt planning on ordering so soon but ended up placing an order today due to the misses being fed up with her current car,now hoping when the car arrives the ride quality is a big improvement on her X3M comp.
  4. Not completely relevant but slightly to this thread so will post. I have just ordered a different model of R to accompany my 8R,both the broker and dealer have given a 20 week delivery time,I queried this even sending a copy of the VW letter doing the rounds to the dealer to get a reply that the particular R model i am ordering is getting priority and facing no delays at all regardless of options added. Not taking this as guaranteed and I guess the coming months will tell if it's true,if it is I'd have thought the 8R would have also been a priority model unless VW feel there are enou
  5. This makes sense,the dealer I bought my 8R off has looked into the delays and confirmed there is no delay with the R model yet 3 of the R line models are facing long delays. Thanks for the reply,I have contacted DTD today with a view of placing the order,just waiting to hear back if they can add HUD and Area cameras to the order since they are missing from their options list yet still available from VW.
  6. Thanks for the reply. That's actually quicker/better than expected,maybe the dealer is being truthful quoting 20 weeks. I will get an order sorted out tomorrow,I need to speak to someone at Drive the Deal as the HUD and surround camera options are not available via their site yet they are on the VW UK configurator. Misses wants plenty of options added but luckily not the Akrapovic exhaust.
  7. There was a brand new Lapiz 8R on Autotrader during the week for £41k with around £3.5k discount,unregistered so 1st year VED still included. Not a bad buy if still there considering the prices dealers want for used cars with road tax still to be added on top.
  8. Can any of you currently waiting for a Tiguan R which you have ordered let me know how long you have been waiting for it to be built and whether your order is progressing? My misses would like one so I contacted the dealer I got my 8R from to be told today delivery time on a reasonably spec'd Tiguan R is currently 20 weeks,I find this hard to believe due to the serious restrictions the factory is working under attempting to build cars. I was planning to order around now and expecting to wait 7/8 months for a car which suits,if it is 20 weeks I'll hold off for a few mont
  9. I think you are spot on about the Sat Nav being the reason it asks to move over a lane,I rarely have the Nav on but did yesterday due to the overhead gantrys saying there was congestion ahead.This must be the reason this message came up and why I have not seen it before. Thanks for that👍
  10. Ha ha,I was on the M8 when it happened heading east past Hillington.Not hogging any lanes though 😂
  11. I've had that which went away quickly,this one persisted for ages asking me to change lanes
  12. I was driving in the fast lane on the motorway today which was busy and traffic moving at a constant 70 when a message appeared in the dash saying "move over to middle lane",this was accompanied by a ding like warning tone that kept going for around a minute and was rather distracting.i tried pressing various buttons on the steering wheel to see if I could get the message to stop but it was as though they were all overridden by the message and disabled.Eventually the message disappeared and the tone vanished with it,has anyone else had this happen? I have both sets of eco tips/messages sw
  13. Its certainly possible an order that size takes priority,huge amount to miss out on when the accounts are published.
  14. If VW have taken peoples money here then paused their car build/delivery to fulfill a bigger order/contract elsewhere it's pretty shocking but the sort of decision that may be made at boardroom level. I enquired about a BMW 2 weeks ago to be told 9 to 12 months so they clearly have similar problems to VW and no big order for cars elsewhere as far as I know which implies theres a shortage of components across the board regardless where cars are heading.
  15. My mate has an appointment at Glasgow Audi in 3 weeks time to order a new RS3,he has been told they would hope to get his car to him this year but also notified him he may be looking as long as March next year. I've no idea what to make of it,its as if they want people to commit their money so dont tell the full story regarding car production incase people walk away.
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