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  1. Well you had more left from half a tank when you got home than I did a full tank,Golf R made it the 450+ miles home on a tank with little to spare but the Tiguan R never quite made it.
  2. Bought 2 VWs from them in the past 15 months and both had a full tank of fuel although likely the basic unleaded,I was told by DTD it would come with a full tank when placing my order.
  3. Aid7072

    Petrol Price

    The shell garages around this way are robbers,no wonder they are always quiet.They are always way more than any others and currently around 20p a litre more for V power than Momentum so even if there was the slightest margin that shell provide a better fuel it ain't worth just over £10 more per fill.
  4. Very very nice,great choice and same colour as the one I test drove. I was originally ok with my 8R as we had an X3M comp but after selling that in April I long for a 6 cylinder engine again. I had few gremlin issues with my Golf and the recent updates have sorted any issues I did have,its a great car but not enough for me after test driving the M240I. Not a fan of mercs and feel the RS3 to be less value compared to the M240i. I'm definitely going to look into getting one,thanks for the input.
  5. Thanks for that,makes perfect sense. So if I ordered one now and added HK plus the wheels upgrade it would look the same externally as one currently with the pro pack. Also are orders placed now all going to be received with the curved dash/I drive 8? Finally how do you find the car? I really wanted one then got swayed by the new M2 but have recently questioned myself why.M240i would suit my needs perfectly and probably be far safer on the wet greasy roads in the winter.
  6. From what I've read so far doesn't look like it but cant be certain it wont be introduced,strangely enough I went to configure an M240i both on BMW uk and Coast to coast cars and neither offered the pro pack plus you could upgrade to the wheels that came in the pro pack for £1250 which previously couldnt be done. Any idea if they have discontinued the pro pack at the moment?
  7. Congrats on the order,I thought it was a great package of a car.If I had ordered one the pro pack is a must especially the way it improves the exterior appearance of the car.Id certainly add comfort pack but was unsure about tech pack.Brooklyn Grey looked superb in the showroom and enhanced the aggressive/sharp look of the car. Only thing stopping me ordering is the expected reveal/release of the new M2 in October,then its decision time of 2 or 4 wheel drive.
  8. Glasgow,they weren't allowed to sell the M240i as it was "on loan" from BMW.
  9. It can still be quick now,my 4 days for a car leaving the factory(8th)to arriving at the dealer(12th) was in April this year.
  10. Yeah those were the days although my 8R spent the maximum 10 days at Sheerness,I've been lucky that both cars delivered in the past year seemed to be put on a boat at Emden the day they turned up there. I felt hard done to waiting 5 months,yourself even less.How lucky we were.
  11. I've no idea,I'm unsure which week production switches to MY23
  12. My last VW was at the dealer 4 days after leaving the factory(Fri to Tue),ridiculously quick.By James I'd say its VW Medway which is the same place my car came from. If you have a build week in July you have just got in before the 3 week holiday shutdown for Golf production.
  13. When selling my wifes X3M to a local BMW dealership in April they had a Brooklyn Grey M240I in the showroom which looked fantastic in my opinion,sales manager I was dealing with asked me what I thought and told him id been considering ordering one.To my surprise he said we have a demonstrator outside in Thundernight(purple) if you want to take it out. The car was a big step up from my Golf,seemed really plush and the seats are immense like the X3M had. Pleasant engine noise and definitely quicker than my 8R,for a few quid more than the current 8R prices it's one to consider and much
  14. Aid7072

    Petrol Price

    The local Tesco near me suddenly added 7p a litre to prices on monday pushing Momentum to £1.999 and it has stayed that way,they are currently 6p a litre more expensive for basic fuels than the other Supermarkets nearby and even a penny more than the local BP robbers. If I drive 4 miles further to another Tesco the fuel is still at the old price of £1.929 for momentum as of last night. As for Shell they are commonly around 5 to 6p a litre more expensive than the competition for standard fuels with 14p on top of that for V power meaning around 20p a litre so I never entertain them.
  15. Yeah the Saloon is much better looking in my opinion also and the carbon black model is a must to hide the the silver looking bits at the front and rear which I feel ruin the look of it.
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