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  1. Factory was at a standstill first 2 weeks in October so no Golfs would have been built,same next week.
  2. I can confirm the same,I did it with my wife's car and it dropped £2770 in 10 days,Motorway gone up though so will stop checking until it's closer to actually getting rid of the thing.
  3. I got both a letter via email from DTD and James at JCB showing my order and the spec of the car I had ordered. I have since ordered another vehicle and again got the same letters via email showing the vehicle spec in full.
  4. Thsts good to know,my wife currently has a rather powerful SUV with a pretty harsh ride on B roads.Have ordered a Tiguan R including leather seats and hoping the comfort levels whilst driving will be a big improvement on her current car.
  5. If your price is locked in at order then you have nothing to worry about,if a £25 VED increase in April pushed your car over the £40k bracket nothing has changed. The VED figure is deducted when working out the £40k price for luxury car tax so before April £870 was deductible whereas now its £895.
  6. The entire production at the Wolfsburg factory was supposed to be stopping for the first 2 weeks of October due to parts shortages,it was to be reviewed after this regarding what was to happen going forwards. I would sit tight and wait,car is worth it and all/most manufacturers seem to have long waiting times plus various options removed. Unless you are extremely lucky and find a sensibly priced used car I wouldn't go down that route due to them being highly inflated prices and big depreciation when things eventually settle down although I doubt that will be for at least 12 months.
  7. The VW dealer told me a few days ago that cars are currently in the build process for 6 to 8 weeks on average so once a car goes into production to expect delivery 10 to 12 weeks later. Delivery almost 3 months after build week commences will certainly push a lot of people with estimated builds later this year into getting cars March 22 and beyond.
  8. That is a serious contradiction of information between the dealer and customer services,no wonder you cancelled.
  9. I feel sorry for the decent sales people like James during this shambles,he was great throughout buying my 8R so I'll not be on his case about this next order since he must have a horrible week without me adding to his frustrations. Having a set of standard email responses certainly implies plenty of people are on his case and he cannot keep many of them happy.
  10. Poor James,he must be sending out so many replies that he has the response you got copied to his computer and ready to go apart from changing the persons estimated build week.I got exactly the same reply from him to the word 5 weeks ago about an order,also an estimated week 48 build which I know has no chance of happening as the order was only placed late July.
  11. How long had you been waiting for your order? I ordered one with a lot of options for my wife at the end of July and was quoted 20 weeks,I knew at point of order theres no chance of this delivery time.
  12. Absolutely spot on,I think Martin Lewis(money saving) states best time to shop around is around the 3 week mark before renewal date.Prices certainly increase greatly closer to the renewal date.
  13. DTD get a payment from the dealer for each order they pass onto them,DTD made it clear to me if I cancelled my order after agreeing to it i become accountable for the payment the dealer makes to them. The dealer makes little on the cars they sell from DTD orders,they make money by hitting large volume sales targets. I am unsure if orders placed via DTD which are considered as fleet do get less priority than an individual placing an order via a local dealer. Judging from peoples experiences on this thread there appears to be no consistent factor regarding how slow a car has taken
  14. I understand no 2 components are identical,I was saying it as a figure of speech.i would expect components to be equally as reliable as one another,not masses of them acting up. I'm glad what I say gives you hope of a fully working car when it arrives,mine and Rebecca's are proof it can be done. I hope the delays in production have sorted out the problems people have with ownership,that would certainly make the long delays a little easier to accept knowing the end product delivered is working/built to the standard it should be. Hang in there,the cars are gre
  15. I agree it should be omitting light evenly,cant say I have noticed issues with mine in the dark but then I wouldn't have since I'm sat in the drivers seat. On mine it is easier to see towards the right of the strip,the further left you go the lower you need to be to look into the strip. I agree it's not the best workmanship,expect all cars are the same regards to this issue.
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