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  1. Too much for my brain to deal with this time on a Sunday😂😂
  2. The Abt is 370 as standard but they post the stats of the S3 as 310 in the video so I'm a little lost here.Is the Audi 370 and the guys gutted it lost so makes out its 310 to save face? If the Audi is 370 the 8R should keep up based upon its performances against the A45s,in other videos it leaves the standard S3 so I'm tempted to say this one is 370 in the video.
  3. Make your mind up soon or at the rate they are going you'll be waiting up to 7 years for VW to produce your car.
  4. Excellent news mate,I had a feeling it would be confirmed for week 18 and so pleased for you and the others getting build week 18.I ordered slightly before you so think we have both waited a similar number of weeks for our builds,definitely better late than never.
  5. We never knew any better in our younger years,once kids come along reality kicked in.Family life definitely first and cars second.
  6. My build week moved about regularly like yours did then stuck at week 16 for a couple of weeks before being confirmed so I'd say yours looks good for week 18🤞
  7. You're right,it all comes down to peoples preferences and circumstances as to what option they choose. Sounds like your head is screwed on and if it was me I'd be lumping amounts off the mortgage also rather than lose money on a depreciating new car. Like you I bought my first property young and despite a wasteful financial lifestyle in my younger years managed to build a portfolio so now accept the losses on buying cars outright and changing them too often. I'd say you have done well with your lease deal at under £15k in total over 3 years.
  8. I'm with you on that,no value in a lease for me.
  9. The VAT is gone yes but the car doesnt lose that amount suddenly in resale,the figures have never added up for me leasing on a personal and business point of view if you buy carefully. I bought a pre reg 7.5R which I kept 21 months and lost £4k so no chance a lease would have come close. Buying cars outright suits me,they are often gone after 2 years so the freedom to change them when I want is essential. Granted it's not the most economical way of doing things but theres so many cars I like,Already fancy a 4wd M3 once they are readily available after launch later this year and i dont even have my 8R yet.
  10. Spot on,if leasing cost less over the 3 years many more would do it including me.Like you say all these companies have to make a profit,use someone like DTD to buy a new car and you already have a massive head start against the future depreciation.
  11. Quite a few of us had week 16 builds confirmed a few weeks ago so fingers crossed yourself,Wrex and a few others get week 18 confirmation soon.
  12. If that's still the same and the recent VW pattern of confirming builds weeks remains in place your dealer should be able to confirm this for you tomorrow and the tracker update at the weekend. According to my dealer week 15 were confirmed to dealers the end of week 11(fri) and week 16 confirmed to dealers end of week 12(again fri) which was the case for me. Since this is near the end of week 14 I'd expect week 18 builds to about to be confirmed if the same pattern is followed. You deserve a bit of luck so fingers crossed this is the case for you.
  13. After reading your comments there on the DCC it sounds a good extra and glad I've added it.
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