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  1. Always happens when the Golf gets to about 4 years old. On the GTi i was thinking about checking the mirror glass on the way home one day and suddenly drivers side glass flew off 🤣
  2. MK1GTI


    Some scum bag has keyed the bonnet on my R. to I'm so P***ed Off Why do scum do this.
  3. Mine comes on when temp is 11 or below. If it’s not that, yet another gremlin to add to the list! Yes I look at the setting and it was turned off. Got the back today after full down load of all errors and new upload, was told they couldn't fix the front assist and VW know about the issue and working on a patch in the software. The Polo which I had. The Dealer phoned me to collect the car at 10am stating they need the Polo back urgently, told them I was at work until 3pm, only to get the reply we can drop you car off and collect the Polo. Turns out the Polo had
  4. The shame of the Polo so parked it outside a Niegbour’s House 🤭
  5. Been getting the double pop on the speaker more with the SOS coming up. Yesterday had to call VW assist for the following issues. SOS warning call assist Front assist limited Drive Train limited since the clocks went back the driver heated seat and steering wheel turn on every time car started. Heating on full unable to turn down or off and infotainment system very temp with Satnav stating l was 3 miles out to where actual l was located. Download by VW assist showed databus error value exceeded The R now at VW getting looked at. looks like VW are doing a recall to
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