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  1. I get the double pop on the speaker within 10 minutes of setting off. The fault happen twice now. Turn ignition off it remains however when turn off a few hours it resets.
  2. RDash warning light has come on for steering On way home. SOS lights up, called dealer can’t get booked in until mid August for a fault diagnosis. Call VW will have to wait until tomorrow, if it can’t be fix I’ll get loan car. Great was going to Yorkshire on Friday.
  3. Bumper off for a grill trim badge. Thought it was bad years ago when some manufacturers you had take the bumper off for a bulb change.
  4. After speaking with VW today positive the matter is now been dealt with. VW have raised a Complaint and will be talking to the dealer on the matters I've got concerns on. Its was stated by VW the service plan should be on the system to allow any dealer to carryout the services (no kidding ) everything will now go direct to VW to resolve the issues.
  5. just a Quick question to the floor. In the past when buying a new car I've received a breakdown Card with the vehicle registration on it a few weeks after purchase, as many know I'm not happy with the dealer and currently putting a list together of what I haven't received.
  6. The company is Door Defenders Amazon sell them.
  7. Magnetic with a very soft cover, outer cover is thicker and different material.
  8. Had a few years now used on the other half’s car as she parked in the service yard with the vans Very good at protecting from dents
  9. Beadles Romford. Now I will name and shame I've now had the R for 3 months now and still having issues with the dealer over the keys and Service Plan I bought. I purchase the R in February 21 then got nothing from the dealer about updates unless I phone them. At the time of ordering request that the factory stickers are not removed or wash the R and not to screw the plates on. I followed the build from the factory onto the ship and delivered to the dealer at the end of April. I contacted the sales. I got informed by the sales person the car has landed and that it need paying for imme
  10. After driving a BMW 5 series estate around today, Back in the R to come home, got into the country lanes and place it in race mode and got the crackle and pops put a smile on my face after hard day at work.
  11. Ok got me on that one, Very long work day and just didn't click with VW just stating Ventus S1 Evo3 and not Hankook Ventus. Ill get my coat and leave !!
  12. Looks like it but only getting one set of wheels.
  13. When you build on the VW site and change the wheels to the whole black the price go's up.
  14. Just looking on the Vw build for the R they now list which tyres you could get. 1 Bridgestone 2 Goodyear 3 Ventus S1evo3 never heard of the make. Looks likes Hancooks are now longer
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