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  1. Winter tyres. just had to shoot up to Yorkshire whilst on route via the A1 the dash lit up stating speed limit exceeded winter tyres fitted. looked in the infotainment to change the setting and the only option is winter tyres no summer or all weather. any ideas !!
  2. Finally got the windscreen replaced today, Speaking to the fitter the issue around the delay is down to VW, if I didn't have the HUD I would of had a screen weeks ago, also a non OEM Screen hasn't been manufactured Yet. I didn't realised the HUD had a different screen, I checked the stamp on the screen its shown as A/HUD
  3. I got one of these, a few other on the site got it too. MONOJOY Car Key Signal Blocker Box, Large Faraday Box for Car Keys, Keyless Car Key Signal Blocker Box, Leather Anti-Theft Faraday Cage,Car Key Storage Box,Safe Security for Remote Smart Keys (Large) : Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo
  4. I know I'm getting the SOS as soon as the pop happens
  5. about every other day with the double pop of the speaker.
  6. update VW have contacted the dealer several times and getting excuse after excuse and it appears getting nowhere with the Manager and Brand Manager, I was informed they have until next week to reply. VW have also stated that the Area Manager will get involved
  7. used to be, my MK7 even had the knee airbag under the steering column could believe that was cut
  8. I've spoken to the insurance company about the screen glass and calibration and that Auto Glass have no Screens in the UK also stating Auto Glass can't calibrate 2021 VW screen due to the new set up and are awaiting data for the systems, also the fact I'm fully kitted up with HUD. Insurance company have now confirmed it will be a Glass claim and will not effect my NCB and I was missed informed. Awaiting for the insurance to confirm it needs to go to VW for Calibration.
  9. Update on the windscreen to purchase screen from VW £350 plus £140 to fit. Then here comes the kicker £550 to calibrate the system. I've phoned another VW dealer to double check was the same price for the screen but only £210 to calibrate as its a one and half hours job to complete. Insurance company are stating it will count as a claim
  10. just going though my insurance Doc's for cost of windscreen glass replacement its crazy if I use an approved repairer £115 Non approved repairer £50 !!
  11. Very nice 3dr Golf R liking the side trims, so wished VW hadn't discontinue the 3dr with the MK8
  12. First Long trip to Yorkshire this week everything going OK 42.8 MPG. On the return trip passing a HGV next thing hear a loud bang on the windscreen, then I saw the star shape cracking. its not too bad but need a new screen. Phone auto glass this evening no screens in the UK. Can I please start to have some luck with this R
  13. I get the double pop on the speaker within 10 minutes of setting off. The fault happen twice now. Turn ignition off it remains however when turn off a few hours it resets.
  14. RDash warning light has come on for steering On way home. SOS lights up, called dealer can’t get booked in until mid August for a fault diagnosis. Call VW will have to wait until tomorrow, if it can’t be fix I’ll get loan car. Great was going to Yorkshire on Friday.
  15. Bumper off for a grill trim badge. Thought it was bad years ago when some manufacturers you had take the bumper off for a bulb change.
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