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  1. I've run Momentum99 in my stg2 wagen since the first day I collected it from the VW forecourt. Also I think that ESSO stuff is the same as Momentum99 anyway, often they have a small tesco at the station is my thinking behind it. I have a Shell garage at the end of my street but its often 15-20p a litre more than Tesco, & I can pass 4 on my way to work depending on the route, I paid £148.9 at the weekend , which is still not great but at least its falling Petrolprices.com app is a good journey reference point for filling up.
  2. Have a look on Aliexpress, you can get a pair of Matt silver mirror caps for around £25-£30 shipped. I bought a set of black ones from there for my last car & they were as good as the oem white ones that were being replaced . More recently I also bought these gloss glass surrounds from there, I think they were about £20 shipped & look so much better than the matt textured oem ones 👍
  3. I had to get a new battery thanks to mine dying at the weekend .
  4. I believe the pikey mod just removes the plate at the back of the grill to enhance the airflow. On the R it lacks the extra grill vents which are on the Gti , so this would/should/could improve/increase the airflow I would have thought ?
  5. Have you pressed the tyre reset button ?
  6. I was a big fan of GY Aym5 until I tried PS4S & they are definitely a little more grippy, or so it feels but the extra weight did effect mpg a little. One thing to consider is the tyre weight, I found Conti in 19" to be heavier but I don't have the CSC7 weight to compare.. Goodyear Asymmetric 5 - 9.58kg (20.95lb) Michelin Pilot Sport 4s – 10.10kg (22.26lb) Conti 6 FR XL - 13.430kg (29.61lb)
  7. The best preventative maintenance in my view is "Mechanical sympathy" , don't rag it until the oil is 70+, & then don't rag it constantly all day every day. Any modifications, always use the best parts available, using some cheap stuff off Aliexpress or Temu isn't the route to long term reliability, Use the best oil 5W-30 or if modified 5W-40.
  8. The sweet spot is a facelift 2017/2018 7.5, lots of updates over the pre facelift, virtual dash, 7spd DSG, 310BHP & much more. This Youtube might help MPG, depends how you drive really, but I get on average 330miles from a tank of Momentum99 & that's running a full stg2 set up. The R estate isn't legally rated for a towbar but I do see people fitting bike carriers to them using this type of fixing, personally I put mine inside with the seats down.
  9. I'm considering adding some extra cold airflow to the wagens front grill/ intake & I was wondering if anyone had any experience with adding these type of airflow baffle/ducts to their R ? I also noticed that the GTi has these vents which the R doesn't, & by adding these baffle/duct type guides it should force more air through the intake 🧐
  10. I bought a set of black ones for my last car from ebay, they were gloss black, only £15pr too 🤯
  11. Yes mines a 7.5. I'd drop Maxton a msg about them, they list a few for the 7.0 but I'm not sure about the estate.
  12. Front Splitter: https://www.maxtondesign.co.uk/body-kits/volkswagen/vw-golf/vw-golf-mk7.5/vw-golf-mk7.5-r/front-splitter-v.3-vw-golf-7-r-r-line-facelift Rear Defuser: https://www.maxtondesign.co.uk/body-kits/volkswagen/vw-golf/vw-golf-mk7.5/vw-golf-mk7.5-r-estate/rear-valance-vw-golf-7-r-variant-facelift I'm also going to add these to the rear too soon https://www.maxtondesign.co.uk/body-kits/volkswagen/vw-golf/vw-golf-mk7.5/vw-golf-mk7.5-r-estate/rear-side-splitters-v.2-vw-golf-7-r-variant-facelift Yes the rear hatch on the estate has the same shape as the basic golfs, the R, GTI, GTI, TCR has a longer/deeper top section, which means its curve is a different radius , just type "Golf 7 spoiler" in Aliexpress & it will come up with 100's, so nice so absolutely awful looking 😄 Aliexpress TCR type lip
  13. Maxton makes a rear defuser that suits & fits the estate, also the front splitters. Rear hatch spoilers or lips need to be what fits a regular NON PERFORMANCE 3/5door golf, the hatch shape is the same on theses as it is on all estates. If you buy one for an R Hatch it wont fit. For these Id suggest Aliexpress you can get Performance Pack & TCR shape easily for about £70 shipped & maybe an Ottenger shape type too. I have a Performance Pack shape one, its very discrete.
  14. It was something I was considering as they are quite good for the money , also a good upgrade if your on 18" wheels. I've moved to 19" now & my focus has also moved to the Revo Alcon 6pots with 380mm rotors, & a rear 356mm rotor upgrade, unfortunately my financial focus hasn't moved yet 😬
  15. I think we forget that 4 seconds is a pretty decent time. BTW, If its a 7.5 you can plug in an OBD dongle & it will tell you how many launches the cars done in its life time
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