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  1. Had mine done when it was just stage 1 with no DSG map, & it was done without an issue. Technically the microswitch is a separate part to the gear box so shouldn't be affected if the dsg has a map, but we all know they will try to wiggle out of a claim whenever possible. The part itself is about £80 & isnt supper difficult to replace yourself, there are quite a few good YouTube videos on doing it, I think the hardest bit is actually removing all the trim to get to it.
  2. Jace

    Petrol Price

    It was €2.50 for regular shell 95 ron when I visited Frankfurt back in March, so its good to see them supporting the people, unlike our lot who are just about their own pockets Esso near me is 10p a ltr more than Tesco otherwise I'd give that a go
  3. Not a Chance for me, you don't know how it was originally cracked, just because the wheel has been welded it doesn't mean its back as good as it should be. You'd be better off buying some CM pret reps
  4. I know on the Heko, Climair & some others when the mirrors fold they can catch on the wind deflector. Has anybody dug deep & bought the genuine VW ones, & if so do they catch still ? They are crazy money for the genuine VW ones but if they don't catch then I'm happy to invest, otherwise I'll just get a set of the other's volkswagenpartsuk.co.uk - wind-deflectors
  5. Its a recent one, maybe just this month. I didnt even ask about why there was an update tbh as I'm happy with the Revo software.
  6. Just a heads up, there is a software update available for the DQ381 7spd DSG gearbox . I've just had mine in for its annual MOT which I always sit & wait for, whilst there the service person came & asked if my TCU had been be remapped , always a tricky one to answer , especially if your still under warranty 😬 Anyway, I didn't have the update as its running Revo TCU software & it would overwrite that.
  7. Gave it a very needed wash last night after it had cooled down & an early 7am quick detailer wipe down this morning 👌🏽 just waiting for the rain now 😫 Meguairs Ceramic Shampoo Meguiars Ceramic Detailer Meguairs Tyre shine
  8. Jace

    Petrol Price

    When I filled up 2 Fridays ago its was £1.839 & then when I filled up last Friday it had gone to £1.939, that's 10p in a week ! Tesco Momentum 99 - Nottingham I've got a shell garage near home but I daren't look at their V-Power now, it was a bout 15p more than Tesco before. I use Petrolprices.com as a guide, its only as good as the info users put in, checking the local Tesco I use its say £1.989 & was updated 2hrs ago.
  9. You just need 1, its there to guide/hold the wheel in place whilst you get the first nut or 2 on, the wheel should also be resting on the section of the hub that protrudes out anyway. Place it in the highest nut close to what would be "12 O'clock"
  10. Go to you local VW/Audi dear parts dept & quote the part # 7L0012223 It should be less than £10 for VAG wheel change alignment tool.
  11. a TSB Bank loan, much cheaper than taking the dealer finance, I think from memory the VW dealer offered me 8%. I had a 25% deposit already & just borrowed the rest through my bank, so by doing that your walking in to the dealer with "cash" so to speak.
  12. I would shop around for the finance, I bought mine using a loan from TSB @ 2.8% APR last march, their current rate is 3.5%
  13. Yea owning/running a Golf R is possibly not the best financial move at the moment due to the high over inflated prices of the vehicle & then the cost of super unleaded being crazy. Saying that, if driven sensibly you can get a "decent" mpg on a run from even a tuned R if you stick within the speed limits 😬
  14. I have this as previously stated & now almost 5 months later I wouldn't really know I have it fitted. I'm pretty sure if you dropped them a msg they would tell you its hardness. My missus hasn't complained about it making the car feel any different either, which is always a good result 😉
  15. Keep searching for the right one, it took me about 3 months of checking, searching for the wagen I have now. I ended up buying from a VW main dealer, so a little more than I wanted but it came with that extra piece of mind, plus 2yrs VW used warranty . Unfortunately prices are pretty much as high as they could be for used at the moment.
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