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    Never kept a car for more than a couple of years but I think this one's a keeper. Leaving it standard until it's warranty's up apart from some alloy paddles I've fitted. Great improvement over the plastic ones. Toyed with the idea of big brakes to fill up the alloys until I looked up the prices. Nothing wrong with the ones fitted TBH. Thanks for asking.
  2. Rsheep

    New Owner....ish

    Not exactly a new owner but new to the Forum. Been following it since I picked up my R hatch in June 2019. Prets, DCC, Dynaudio - well happy.
  3. Sounds similar to the problem with my 2019 R hatch which has done this from new. Tried all the tricks on this forum squeezing foam around the cabin to no effect. Appears to be coming from the two pipes (fuel/brakes?) from near the rear drivers side wheel arch that runs under the plastic shield under the car. Vibration stops when I apply light pressure by hand. Going to ask the dealer when it's serviced in March unless anyone else has had the issue and knows how to cure it? More foam?
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