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  1. If you've never had it you probably won't miss it. I had a 7.5 gti performance without it and was happy enough with the ride quality although I nearly spec'd it. Have it on my TCR and must say it's a must have. It would be the first box I always tick from now on. Coming in July, new R with DCC, performance pack etc. You won't regret it as depending on the road surface you will adjust it. I have all settings in sport except for dampers in comfort most of the time so I have the best throttle response. Basically what is the nurburg mode I think
  2. Think volkswizard has picked one up today. He will be the only owner doing videos of it on YouTube I'd say 🤣
  3. I have put pilot sport 4s's on mine and it has helped a lot with the front end grip tbh but just fancied the change. The CS I had spec'd would have been slick tho with black package and black wheels on silver so with the right spec looks great too. The LSD in the TCR is excellent tho. Another reason for the R is the drift mode, not to drift around it but to get more of a rear wheel drive car I hope. Back in 2008 I had a new impreza STI hatchback with the switchable diff and you could have in running 60/40 to the rear which was a nice feeling
  4. I had the 7.5r ordered until I saw the TCR fully loaded with all options in black and decided to test drive as thr R I was to buy was in stock. 2 minutes in it my mind was changed as found it far more engaging to drive. This time around I had ordered the CS with all options since end November with build week 5 until VW put it back to week 16 on week 5 and I negotiated the same trade in and will have 6 more payments on TCR waiting until new registration term here in Ireland. I wanted the R from the go as the wheel hop is a bit annoying in wet/damp conditions but the massive price increase left
  5. Yeah you should go for it, when you see the difference between specs it has to be good. I'm glad I've already spec'd it
  6. Yeah I tested the ateca and found it boring and bad in the corners. I've been a passenger in a stage 1 car lately and it was crazy fast but still the same in the bends
  7. I had a fully loaded CS ordered since November here in Ireland to replace my TCR and was build week 5 until they moved it to week 14 end of January. Decided to switch up to the R then as I ended up negotiating a way better deal on R than Originally. Drove the r and TCR back to back and found the tcr more engaging to drive as I guess the CS would be, just the wheel hop is a little annoying on a damp surface but if you put pilot sport 4s on it will help. Also had thought about remapping tcr but don't think it could handle the gains on stage 1
  8. Did anyone see the new R destroy the a35amg and m135i in first drag race video on youtube yesterday!!!???
  9. yes I'm the same myself, they never know much apart from the lack of discount on offer. Some garages I called for quote didn't even know the R or clubsport was available to order!!
  10. My VW salesman didn't know when I asked him and neither did the VW Ireland expert when asked. I don't think there's room for it with the sub on the R model only.....
  11. how do you find the dynaudio system, I've spec'd the HK system on my mk8R coming and hoping it's worth the money...
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