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  1. Around 30 to 40 k mate
  2. Sorry posted in wrong section.
  3. What’s reasonable price for a decent r7?as prices vary it has to have dsg.
  4. Ive always been a jap fan owning 4 scoobys my mate has 7r wagon I drove it and loved it 😎
  5. Love the grey r stunning car mate😎
  6. Carlos76

    New Owner....ish

    Stunning r mate😎
  7. Need to go in few cars to see which one I want anyone in County Durham offering passenger testing 😀
  8. Be a second hand r but have good car to trade in cheers for the welcom😎e
  9. Just joined the forum haven’t a golf r yet but joined for advice on buying and which version to buy🙂
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