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  1. Got my son his first car today little 3 door corsa
  2. Are they Audi wheels mate they look great on your r estate
  3. Thinking off a stage 1 map on my mk7 is anyone in northeast England ?And cost off a stage 1?
  4. I use bilt hamber snow foam mate?
  5. Stupid question what’s the mib?
  6. Anyone fitted a 7.5 touch screen to a a mk7 ?will it need coding?
  7. Will vw dealers sell the Dynaudio and fit it to a mk7 with standard sound system?
  8. What is the best brake upgrade for mk7 r ?
  9. Looking for ghost immobilisers installation around north east area.
  10. Nice pics mate looks great day
  11. Been getting some insurance quotes for the mk7 r cheapest is 500 pounds with Churchill have 15 years ncb.How does your car cost to insure and who with?
  12. Is they any cost mate
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