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  1. *UPDATE* So the car was picked up Wednesday gone & inspector has said that the car wouldn’t be anywhere near a write off so repairs/replacements are being conducted. Should be around a week until the car gets returned to me. Will post pictures of it once returned.. will be glad to see the horrible sight of dents & scratches gone 😅
  2. Cheers for all the replies guys. The third party have basically admitted liability so all works are at no cost to myself.. Its hard to walk passed the car & not look at it lol but the damages make me not want to anymore. I was aware of the 50-60% threshold & with it being what looks like cosmetic only, I’m hopeful it’ll be repaired to new. I’d probably place the market value at around 15-17k so as long as repairs/courtesy/removals don’t tot up to over £7.5-8.5k I should be fine. Car will be picked up today & taken to the repair centre so I should know more soon, I’ll be sure to update. thanks again for the replies! Definitely puts me at some ease.
  3. True, to be honest, I think it just hurts my eyes more as it’s mine lol. I was leaning towards thinking it would be repaired. Just nice to know a few opinions. thanks mate.
  4. Hi all, was recently hit by a truck whilst the car was parked up.. driver revered and swung out causing damage to the car. I’m now wondering if my insurers will write the car off or attempt repair.. I’m aware it’s up to them, but anyone got any opinions? 16 plate mk7 r damages: Wheel arch panel, side mirror, front passenger door, scratches/scuffs to front bumper & some scratches/scrapes to single alloy. Any opinions? Also apologies if it’s not the right thread.
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