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  1. It's best buy from main dealer as you will get a 2 year warranty and 2 free services. So better for peace of mind. As if things go wrong on an R can cost thousands.
  2. I ordered hk and you haven't so clearly that's not made a difference either 🙃
  3. I heard the seats will be gold plated and it will be a mk8.5 🤣
  4. Finally I'm not alone 😳 What spec did you order?
  5. It's a panel clip that connects the plastic panel to the inside of the boot lid.
  6. I think that the 310ps will be more desirable in 5 years time. Due to the fact it was pre opf and multi port injection. If you got a manual 3 door with high spec you will be extremely happy.
  7. Dcc Pan roof Hud Hk Park assist Rear Camera Winter pack Performance pack Metallic paint The only thing I didn't tick was leather. Ordered direct from main dealer. They are really taking the piss now but got a 7.5 r for the mean time which I'm not going to sell now as its a rare beauty due to the spec.
  8. Got an updated from my dealer...... Ordered Aug 2021 and after 5 different build dates its gone to build week 22 (may) 2023 beat that 🤪
  9. Personally I get mine done at vw for the piece of mind. £30 saving not worth the headache if you got all in one. If you do want to get it done elsewhere then get it done by a vw specialist and make sure you get a vat invoice as proof for vw.
  10. Doesn't mention the increase in power either. I put a deposit down for it and told them refund me. Nothing special. You can add the blue bits in vinyl skin 🤣
  11. Has anybody changed rear pads on a mk8 golf using vcds. Just want to check if you can do it without getting a sfd token? Thanks
  12. Go to ebay and type this item number it should come up 125392673822
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