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  1. Just do the usual checks
  2. they are 2 different cars. make sure to test drive a golf r in manual and dsg !!!!
  3. welcome to the club !!!! great car
  4. welcome to the club !!!! great colour great car
  5. welcome to the club !!!! great car
  6. momo123

    Working on it

    Make sure to buy one with a few options ticked if you want to hold value when you come to sell it
  7. Your better of buying a mk 7 as they have come down in price. They are not much more than mk6
  8. DCC is easier to find on dsg cars but on manuals its like finding rocking horse poo. But keep looking as they do come up time to time.
  9. momo123

    New Guy !

    Welcome to the club !!! Great Car
  10. Yh at that price i would rather put a down payment towards a golf 8 r LOL
  11. momo123

    my new toy, 6R

    Welcome to the club !!!!
  12. momo123

    New Owner

    Both cars complement each other!!!!
  13. Welcome to the Club !!!! Great car. Enjoy
  14. Welcome to the club !!!!
  15. I would hold out for the mk 8.5 R facelift !!
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