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  1. well thats utterly delightful! Can we have a run down of the spec/mods please!
  2. Cool. Good news about OEM bolts. I look forward to seeing it on the Pro Springs!
  3. Looking good! Unfortunately mine didnt arrive on the latest shipment, so are due next month, Did you have 18's or 19's on originally? If 19's, is the ride improved much? And did you use your original wheel bolts?
  4. Car is looking good, Would love to see a side on shot. Are you saying the B16's were a bit improvement over the stock DCC suspension? Are your B16's the DCC adjustable ones? Or did you delete it?
  5. no worries about the dealy. Thanks for the info. Sounds like a decent bit of kit!
  6. Not sure if they make them for the 8R, but if Carbon Lorraine do their RC6 compound for the car, they are superb on track (and pretty good as a road pad too). Ran them on a Civic Type-R on road (a little squeaky) with occasional track days and used them when i raced in the 750MC Clio 182 cup championship.
  7. it always confuses me the opinion if someone drives a performance car that they shouldnt be bothered about MPG.... I guess some folks have more money to spend at the petrol station than others...... 🤷‍♂️ Anywho, i quite often drive in Eco, as my commute is generally 40-60mph single carriage way with moderate traffic, so seems little point using more fuel for no gain. On my 13 mile commute to work i average mid to high 30's, which i think is reasonable for the type of vehicle. Unless you are doing motorway miles and keeping it at sub 70mph, i dont believe you will see ov
  8. Using google translate... trkaća linija radi 380 mm za 19 ich ili 355 mm za 18 inčne pretorije
  9. Sway bar is on my list of upgrades. Any reason you went with the 034 bar rather than any other?
  10. having cycled for many moons and done all sorts of bike carrying, my preference is a tow bar mounted bike rack. The initial setup cost can be quite high for the tow bar and then the rack itself, but its worth it. Bikes are easy to load on to, they are secure, they create less drag, you can see them easily. I refuse to put bikes inside my R, as no matter how careful you are, you will always scratch or damage something. So when i go riding i use my wife's Peugeot 3008. Oh and a small gripe.... there is no such thing as an 'acoustic' bike. Its a bike and an e-b
  11. Overnight? Or just for a few hours during the day? I usually use the car park on blackman street if going into brighton town centre. Its gated and you can usually find a good end of row space etc. Overnight or longer than a few hours, i am not too sure unfortunately. Parking in Brighton is generally pretty expensive.
  12. indeed. So if you do decide to go the BCS route, give me a shout when you are ready to sell and we can see if we can do a deal 👍
  13. All i read was Akra for sale.... talk to me 😋
  14. haha, it was to produce the least amount of sound whilst trying to capture my clunk!
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