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  1. good stuff! Your wheel & brake combo is utterly awesome. ๐Ÿ‘
  2. My chum has had his for a couple of months now. Its a sensational bit of engineering. The power is relentless. The grip is mind boggling. Fit and finish, as expected, is spot on. Is it worth ยฃ56,000, or 30k more than my 7.5 R....? debateable. But regardless, its a proper bit of kit.
  3. Those brakes are awesome! Car is lovely ๐Ÿ‘
  4. does this apply to new cars only? I have a used R, but bought from a VW dealer so has its 2 year warranty that they provide. When this comes to an end will they contact me to see if i want to extend? Or being a used vehicle, it wont be an option?
  5. Here are my two boys. Hudson on the left, Reiben on the right. Both Bengals. Reiben should be a snow version of Hudson, but he has a rare 'charcoal' gene, so has a black face, feet and tail, not dissimilar to a Siamese. They both roam free and very much enjoy life. We also have a rescue hedgehog that lives in our garden. His name is Percy and is unfortunately blind.
  6. ah of course, i dont know why it didnt click that it was to check alignment of your handy work. Any rough guesstimate of its finished weight? And is it staying red?
  7. ah cool, interesting to know they are updating the kit. My friend just got the Ohlins kit for his 911. Dampers are very pleasant indeed. As and when i ever change the suspension on mine, i think the Ohlins will be the way i go. Any idea if there is a price increase with the new kit? Is yours a daily driver? Or a weekend/track day toy?
  8. as everyone has said, amazing work! this will be an absolute beast when done. Will the lack of weight in the car in the current form effect the suspension geo much? Or will it need another check when the car is 'finihsed'.
  9. very nice. What suspension are you looking at running with the top mounts?
  10. cool, interesting read and good to de-bunk hearsay!
  11. fair play. I wasnt sure if it was from past experience or general consensus ๐Ÿ‘
  12. Some lovely cars in here! Is there a reason you guys went with the H&R springs over other options like Eibachs etc?
  13. apologies if this has been asked before, but i saw on a youtube video that the cars have a finite number of launches that can be performed? Limited to 200 for the life of the car? Is this correct. And can this be re-set or over ridden? Not that i expect a car to see 200 launches..... ๐Ÿ˜‘
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