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  1. I see your point and thought maybe I was being a little paranoid. However: I have done a bit more digging on my purchase and from the info the dealer inadvertently gave me and subsequent paperwork (invoice, bank details, T&Cs, etc) I noticed it is a "VAT qualifying" vehicle. Happy days I thought, as I am VAT registered. It turns out that to be VAT qualifying as a used car, it has to have been used "for business purpose only"; ie not a run-of-the-mill ex-lease. My (or as of tomorrow not my) car looks like it is an ex-rental!😮 There is no way on heaven or earth I am
  2. I would agree if headlight aim were an advisory, but it's a straight fail. I can't see different MOT testers giving "discretion" on a straight fail item, it's not worth the potential aggro for them. If it's not a known issue, then fine. As I am collecting the car, I will have a good look around that area before accepting it. These things just make me (even more) wary. And it is a 3 1/2 year old car with an MOT failure; not the best start!🤨
  3. Yes I replied to that thread. I am just trying to ascertain whether this is a "common issue", even though I know most of the 7.5s will have had a maximum of 1 MOT. I did google the issue and saw lots of forums saying this can happen due to speed bumps! Not convinced unless mine has been driven by the Dukes of Hazard. That doesn't fill me with confidence either. I would not like to buy a car and find later it has been repaired in the past. It is HPI clear but that won't account for minor repairs. Also if I have a dodgy light unit, they are VERY expensive to replace so I wou
  4. Hi all, I wonder if someone can help? My new MK7.5 estate was MOTd today by the seller (I am due to pick it up Saturday), as it only had 3 months left on it. First MOT was done 3 months before 3 years old and it passed fine. This was June 2020, car was registered September 2017. Today was it's second MOT and it failed on offside headlamp aim too low. It was adjusted and passed. I can't help having suspicions that the front has been repaired between June 2020 and now. That, to me, would be a logical reason for the headlamp aim. The fact that it has LED lig
  5. We'll know it's you by the roofbox if nothing else, oh and the sparks from the Disklok when you forget to take it off😁
  6. Pond

    Hello R people

    Yep definitely different! A "video walkaround" by a 20 year old using a mobile phone is not how I'm used to buying cars. I could have waited so have no-one else to blame, but for how long, who knows? At least I am going to collect this one, so can have a good gander before I take it away. The Z4 I bought in January was delivered on a trailer in the dark and was not "quite" the car I thought it was. I have kept it though cos it's not bad just not the best.
  7. Hello, I was trawling through the DVLA registration website earlier and noticed R800 GLF is available for £250 inc transfer fee. Might be of interest to you lucky MK8 owners! If not I'll get me coat🙂
  8. Pond

    Hello R people

    I'm confident that will be the case. As I have said I have owned many many cars over the years and the ones I always liked the best were the "hot hatch" type, my absolute favourite being my Mitsubishi Evo from 20 years ago. I am excited about a car for the first time in a very long time.🙂
  9. Pond

    Hello R people

    Thanks. Yes it's a strange one. I am buying a car for over £20k that I have not seen let alone driven. I honestly thought I would never do this; and this will be the second time this year, as bought a Z4 in January. I hope I like the Golf! I have never driven a Golf let alone an R, in fact I have never owned a VW! Even back in the 80s I had fast Fords not a GTi!🤨 The last VW I drove (in fact I think the only one) was a 1986 Passat estate back in 1986. That was a colleague's company car. I have had many many cars over the last 36 years but never a VW (got an Octavia and
  10. The fact you have only had it a couple of weeks might be a clue. It may have been sat around for a while in all weathers before you got it. If that is the case, any moisture that has entered the unit will stay, as there has been no heat from the lights, or anywhere else to warm up the lens unit and so evaporate any moisture. It could just be a case of you have more than "normal" moisture in there so will take a while to evaporate and escape. The majority of moisture in a headlamp unit enters from the rear, not the front. They are not hermetically sealed. As has been sai
  11. If I were you, I would be a LOT more concerned about catching "something" than getting my car nicked when visiting mainland UK at the moment😐
  12. Hi, I've read this thread with interest, as have just bought the same car. I think from memory you are on rear spoiler extension number 3? You don't have either of the others available do you?😉 Or do you wreck them taking them off?
  13. Pond

    Hello R people

    Hi again and thanks for the welcome. I have today "signed on the dotted" for a 2017 mk7.5 estate with 22k miles. Yes it is an ex lease car "one careful owner; Hertz"😄. Got a good (ish) deal as the car has been sat around a while. Pick it up next week. It has 18" Cadiz wheels on but have looked at the CM Pretoria copies. There is only one of the OE wheels with any marks and has 4 new tyres (cheap Chinese cr*p put on by the seller), so should be able to sell the wheels with tyres on the 'bay quite easily to help fund the new ones with some decent tyres. As it has good mil
  14. Pond

    Hello R people

    Hello. I have finally decided that a MK7.5 Golf R estate is the one for me, so am actively looking for a suitable car at present. The Golf is a "perfect compromise" for the situation I am in at present. I have access to two other cars, one is the wife's (leased) daily Octavia (Golf!), with the little 1 litre petrol lump, the other is a recently purchased 2013 Z4 again for the wife for the summer. For some reason I can't put my finger on, I really like the Octavia on the rare occasions I drive it. Until recently I had a leased Volvo V90 which was great for the motorway but cr*p
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