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  1. Is the outside item option the lower one? Would it look strange with two on each door? https://m.aliexpress.com/item/1005003020405970.html
  2. Has confirmation mine is in build. ETA of Late July they reckon.
  3. Ordered 15th April 2021. Seems like a long time ago!
  4. I’ve been told mine was going into production last week but no update yet if it did due to person being on annual leave until later this week. I was also told they expect it not arrive at dealer until end of July due to high number of options. It’s got PP, DCC, Sunroof, Winter Pack and Reversing Camera.
  5. It is in German but if you speak German….
  6. It’s not included on German configurator.
  7. Looks like you get leather but no akrapovic. Wonder when it will be on UK site as my German isn’t brilliant!
  8. Update today, going into build next week…. Believe it when I see it!
  9. Emotion Start isn’t new. I wonder if it just does this my default every time you start?
  10. Can you share link to information?
  11. After a 14 month wait so far to find out there is a new model with something I want will be such a kick in the teeth!
  12. When is this new model being announced?
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