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  1. Can you buy this for a lease car?
  2. How good does it look with no front plate… Might ask dealer to not put plate on!
  3. Car i seen in dealer the other day had Hankook (19” non PP)
  4. Seen my first 8R today… WOW! They look even better in the flesh! Looked amazing, can’t wait for mine to arrive!
  5. If only these came as standard! MPSS best tyres I’ve ever used and PS4S are supposed to be an improvement.
  6. Thought it would be good to see what tyres people got and whether your 18”, 19” or 19” performance pack...
  7. Any one got experience of maintenance plans? Worth it? Can you pick what tyre’s are put on when they need replacing?
  8. Was a mistake, it’s £29 a month. Seems fair.
  9. I asked lease company today for price of maintenance to be added on. £88 a month over 4 years....
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