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  1. Looks good. Carbon looks similar to standard car dash. Emotion start is press starter button, keep it held and once dash prompts to press brake press brake (whilst still holding start button) press brake and it will start with blip to 2.5k
  2. I believe all the cars are dealer stock that they are choosing to sell. Assume every dealer is selling the ones they are allocated so it’s luck of the drawer getting hold of one. Enjoy it!
  3. I’m getting these alerts every day now. Sounds like I need to get it booked in.
  4. Definitely special mode, it can be a bit much in built up areas though!
  5. Good question. Anyone been in and got one?
  6. It will start in Sport and D but flaps will be open when it starts.
  7. I assume non pp have it too. Press starter button and hold it down, when it says on dash press brake, press brake and car will start with emotion start (rev to 2.5k)
  8. The pp car (don’t know about non pp cars) have emotion start, you hold the starter button before pressing brake pedal.
  9. Thank god I’ve not got that gloss black centre console! That’s a backwards step for the interior.
  10. It’s broken though, doesn’t let you pick any options or colours.
  11. Maybe the PP has always had the 333 when in special mode….. 🤔 The changes are software after all.
  12. Lack of performance pack option on standard car now is going to push R20 sales. It’s such a big option.
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