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  1. Hi Booth11, I wanted to have a chat with you regarding your Mk8.

    Is there a way to direct message or to have a chat on the phone?

    Many thanks


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    2. Whiskyheaven


      Hi Bec, yes, my instagram name matches my display name here, you can direct message me there :)





    3. Booth11


      Great, I’ll pop a quick message Inde to make sure it’s you, lol. 

    4. Whiskyheaven
  2. Most likely august/September, I’m not in any rush. Got my 7.5R with 1k miles still
  3. I’ve processed my order; Lapiz Blue Performance Pack DCC Harmon Kardon Winter pack 2 Rear View Camera dislike the interior and leather option so will get a custom interior once the car arrives.
  4. In terms of difference from what was paid for the 7.5 and the 8 and the costs over the last year. then the difference in monthly payments
  5. I feel irritated that the car has been sitting for a year or so and with what the car is worth, can get out of it and into a new one for very little difference or cost. Either way, I feel that in 3-4 years time I’ll be looking at the next stage of cars but really unsure. have watched many videos on the Mk8 and it generally seems to be positive although there are some hesitant negative reports
  6. I’m currently considering to order a mk8 and the only thing holding me back is the interior at this point. I dislike the blue tartan pattern and the leather option is terrible, too many materials on one seat. My thinking would be to add a custom leather and alcantara interior although similar designs to other models just a one off. I have seen YouTube reviews with people saying similar and wondered what others thoughts are on this topic?
  7. Hi all, I haven’t been on an owners club forum for years, but here is my 7.5R. Picked up 7th January 2020 in Lapiz blue with Dynaudio and performance pack. I took it in for a detail about 2 weeks later for a few days and then broke my hand on 1st February and with being in and out of lockdown for the last year or so, the car has only 980 miles on it to date! Still considering to upgrade to a Mk8 at the moment!
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