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  1. It'll be interesting to see if this suspension creak / noise is a problem for GTI/GTD/GTE or other models?
  2. Mine is going in for its 2nd service on tuesday, so will look out and see if they mention the TPI for the brake backing plate and top mount greasing. I did mention to the service guy that the noise/creaking had returned when turning the wheel and going over bumps and slow speeds.
  3. Yep mine had this noise and had top mounts replaced (greased or whatever) that was last year and now has come back. Its going in for 2nd service so will see if they do something about it.
  4. Mine is still running to 1788 version, car is 2yrs 3months old now. Had a few pings and pongs but not as many as some have experienced over the course of ownership. I did have the Centre speaker SOS pop and alert on dash which was fixed last year when it went in for its first service. But now it has come back but only heard it twice in the last 3-4months so nothing to be concerned with atm. I still get the road sign changes to (110 or 45kph), also the 'Do not overtake' symbol when on the RH fast lane on motorway. I'm hoping the dealer will update to the latest software version (1900 or whatever it is now) when it goes in for its second service. But last time I asked them to do it they refused to as they didn't see the reason too. 🤷‍♂️ My biggest gripe is the amount of cabin rattles mine suffers! I hope I've have pinned it down to the two front pillar speaker covers and driver and passenger (alcantara) door cards. If I press them down whilst going over rough roads the rattles seem to have stopped or less intrusive! Something I hoped the dealer had fixed when I last went in, they said they put insolation tape on the inside of the passenger door card but made no difference, maybe worsen over time! 😔 PS. removing the two clips on either side of the armrest did fix that annoying rattle coming from there, but the others are difficult to pinpoint exactly...
  5. Is the ridiculously expensive A/C service VW try and get you with is just a cabin filter change!? 🤨
  6. I use 99 momentum 90% of the time. Its cheaper and you can collect clubpoints too. Win win.
  7. Yep removed them caps from the centre armrest. That has stopped the initial rattles when I got the car but over time more rattles have crept in somewhere!
  8. I've already mentioned this in previous posts put the front of mine has so many rattles and buzzes coming from all sorts of areas mainly the passenger side door card and (maybe) both left and right pillar speaker grill. Mine doesn't make that noise when switching modes but when driving on really rough / uneven road surfaces, I think its down to really poor VW quality control when they put the car together!
  9. Mine does that when I have auto hold activated, so I very rarely use it now. I had noticed it within the first 5k miles
  10. Mines a April 21 car and still running 1788. Last time I went in for a service in Augyst/Sept. They refused to do a software update to the latest version at the time even though I told them the errors and annoyances I had with the software. Hopefully next time I go in they will do it this time round!
  11. Thanks Becs. Yes I did remove those two caps either side of the centre arm rest a while ago which did stop that annoying rattle but unfortunately I have others which sounds like it could be either passenger door card area or pillar speaker grill by the windscreen. I did mention it to dealer and they said they put more tape inside the door but hasn't fixed it. What foam and how will you be using it on the end caps of the seat rail?
  12. Hi Jason, I also have many rattles coming from the passenger side area! Would it be possible if you could take a pic of video of the area of the glovebox you are explaining to pull down and remove? Thanks
  13. Just having a quick browse on Blackcircles for same Goodyears and there looks to be 3 of the same tyre but all with different noise and fuel efficiency ratings. Does anyone know what the difference is between the 3 and which one is the same as the factory tyre? Thanks
  14. I still currently have the factory Goodyears EF1SS on coming up 17120 miles, still bit of life on the fronts but when driving through standing water especially on motorways or dual carriages you can feel the fronts working and the wheel tugging abit. Look forward to hearing how the Conti's fair. 👍
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