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  1. My car was in for a service and have a software update (which I thought would be to the latest 1896), the recall (engine cover removed, and other faults and niggles I had with the car. I mentioned about the key problems relating to the software such as double popping SOS errors, losing driving profiles, etc. The other problems I forgot to mention was the headlight setting defaulting to 'Driving on Right' and this effects the ACC on motorway where it'll slow down thinking that its undertaking the other car from the Left. Anyway got the car back and checked next day and software was
  2. Quick one for all, I'm taking mine in for its First service and to have its Bugs/Gremlins looked at. Is the Latest software still 1896? - mine is still running version 1788 Thanks
  3. I believe it is loose as normal.
  4. I've started turning off the ESC completely off in Race / Individual mode and Wow what a difference it makes on full acceleration. Literally no lag when the foot is planted! 🚀😁
  5. Great write-up Jase, sorry to hear you had to sell up. I read / hear good things about the Hyundai I20-/30N cars and really hope you enjoy the 'Old School' driving engagement from the manual. Hopefully not have or as many Gremlin's has we all have experience in the MK8!
  6. Is this the same with Leased cars, Only 1 yearr breakdown cover?
  7. Sorry, Yes the driving mode icon will revert back to Sport (Road & 1 flag, I think) on every startup but the Virtual Cockpit stays at Race mode, which means I have to change back to whatever display I was at in sport.
  8. Yes, as Rebecca says it always defaults back to Sport on every startup but the display will not revert back to Sport on start up which is strange and sometimes annoying, even if you have switched off the car in Race / Nurburing mode where the valves are open. On the next start up the valves will be still open and then the valve flaps does it's weird close - open - close routine and revert back to its normal 'sport' mode. Which explains the guys wife saying it the exhaust is load on start up.
  9. That's awful news to hear glad you & the family were unharmed! So if the vehicle is retrieved by the police would the insurance just write it off or will you get the car back depending if it was in normal / good condition?
  10. Yes I mentioned this a few days ago not sure if it was in this thread or a different one. Mine does the same when letting go off the brake pedal when at a standstill, But ONLY happens when my Autohold is switched on. I have recently turned it off.
  11. The standard VW covers were in my glove compartment as well.
  12. It works if you switch the ignition on and wait a couple of secs and press 'R' mode on your steering wheel to activate Race. It should open up the valves if I remember correctly.
  13. Oh right yeah I knew that 😂 Sorry I thought you meant you can customise so you can have Carplay and other VW shortcuts on the side like the one @AHG posted which looks to be Android Auto?
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