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  1. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/opinion/opinion-vw-golf-r-too-sensible-its-own-good
  2. I ordered mine mid January and delivered end of April.
  3. It doesn't do it on most cold starts and I've noticed this when getting into the car after the shops when the engine is already warmish. Also I haven't waited for the revs to drop as I tend to drive off before that happens.
  4. Is there a reason when sometimes I start up the car and the revs increase above 1k? I haven't nudged the gearbox into S or anything. 🤔
  5. Or because it was giving the gti a chance to catch up. 😅
  6. If I switch the car off in Race or Individual mode (Engine in Race and sound in Pure). On the next start up the valves remain open for loud start up and does the open and close thing a few times before it reverts back to normal / sport mode. But the driving mode always shows as Sport on every start up.
  7. If it's the double pop from the front centre speaker than that's the one! 🙄
  8. I have the same problem mainly in the front passenger side door rattles as I go over rough road surfaces and when the music is at 40% or higher. I need to book it into VW to get them to have a look as well as the software issues / update.
  9. I tend to start pushing it when the oil temp gets to above 90+, and it usually takes 15 mins driving until it reaches that temp.
  10. I noticed when in Normal / Sport mode and you flick the gearbox into 'S', the car gets louder like it's in Race mode, also heard a few pops! Does this mean that the gearbox is in Race and everything else remains in Sport?
  11. Out of Interest which dealer did you go to for the works? Inchappe?
  12. Yeah this happened to me a couple months back, I tried to unlock / lock / start / switch off car and it still carried on for maybe 10 mins and it switch off by itself. luckily only happened to me once. Oh and the alarm is Effing loud when its parked in the garage! 😅
  13. Just stumbled across this article, doesn't sound too promising! 😨😰 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58465954
  14. Wonder if that Golf Mk8R suffers the same Gremlins as we do!? 🙄😂
  15. I have noticed that the front LED's in the front passenger & driver side are dimmer than the rear ones. Can anyone confirm is this is the same? I have checked the settings and all interior lights are set to the brightest. If it's normal, then I'm thinking it's down to a safety issue not having the front interior lights blind the driver too much?
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