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  1. Tbh I do like the sound of my res delete the powervalve non res pipe gives the car a good tone
  2. Anyone on here running cobra exhaust what tips how much are the tips
  3. Can’t decide for the R. A non res scorpion exhaust or non res cobra any one have these in there’s
  4. Hi guys anyone know if a mk7.5 R cobra exhaust will fit the mk7 R is the fitment different on the exhausts ??
  5. Anyone recommend scorpion non valved cat back I already have a res delete was gonna change back box any one experienced scorpion on there R is a valved system better than a non valve
  6. Hi guys anyone got side skirts fitted to there R just bought trc composite side skirts wondered if anyone had fitted them there website only shows how to fit front splitters ?
  7. Markyo7


    It’s out of Goodyear f1 and the ps4s
  8. Markyo7


    Hi guys I’m after some new tyres for my R what are a lot of you running for everyday use ?
  9. Thanks for the info guys I’m getting it looked at next week I’ll keep you posted 👍
  10. Haldex was serviced a year ago according to the service book I’ve owned the R for 7 months
  11. I’ll get someone to scan I have obd11 not sure if that will work ?
  12. Anyone had any issues with just front wheels spinning in the wet the R feels like front wheel drive ??
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