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  1. Watch with subtitles on if your German is not up to much.
  2. Made some popcorn and very much enjoyed watching him self-validate throughout the video, and me in turn self-validating by assuming everything mean he said about the R as rubbish, even though I have not driven either car! 🤣
  3. @Northern Monkey Yeah, mine was 'in transit' for 4 weeks. Then, I'm told by my leasing company, can take another 14 days to get it registered etc once in UK. @Booth11 experienced less than a week once in the UK tho so much like the BW system, pot luck it seems! Hopefully your wait not too painful! 😛
  4. Congrats! Enjoy getting to know her @Fruitloop. My insurancequotes also been fairly low. The insurers obviously haven't watched the carwow vids 🥳
  5. Finally, it's arrived in the UK! That was a 4 week voyage 😳. How long did others have to wait from arriving in UK to collection | delivery?
  6. Yes very similar! Let's hope they get the boat here pronto ~ like kids before Christmas 🎅
  7. Thanks Booth11. Just been drooling over your sunset lapiz pics on your other thread. Very nice indeed, glad you are enjoying it!
  8. Hi all, nice to be here! I got in early with initial cheap lease deal offerings before they leaped in line with initial reviews and managed to secure a Golf R order on a 2 year lease deal @ just over £300 pm (excl. initial lumpsum payment). 10,000 miles a year allowance. Made order on Jan 8 via vehiclesavers.com. I suspected that the base R package with no options would be fine for 2 years and also thought the white paint looked ok ~ so no extras with budget. According to the tracker the vehicle is now built but has 'been in transit' for nearly a month! Not sure if they are sailing it around the cape of good hope | stuck in suez canal 🤣 but seems like it might have gotten lost somewhere either way! When it does arrive can't wait to see it and get a sense of that torque vectoring capability on a great b road. Congrats to those of yours who have had your orders arrive already ~ pics looks amazing! Wishing you many happy (and fast) miles 😁
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