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  1. Here is a picture of the car with the Adelaides. VW have acknowledged the error and are replacing them with the Estorils I ordered. Only had the car a few days but generally loving it so far and it gets a lot of attention. So glad I added leather, its great. In hindsight, I would have added DCC but the the ride seems perfectly fine - although I cannot compare to one with it. The infotainment system is 'ok'. Not as bad as I feared, although the air con and fan can be fiddly when driving. Only real niggle is some of the build quality.. some parts feels a bit cheap compared t
  2. Wow. Looks amazing! I ordered in black and with Estorils on 17th March and I finally picked it up yesterday. It has turned up with Adelaide wheels!! Despite the order and my VIN in the Connect app showing Estorils. Now waiting to see what VW have to say next week. The car is awesome to drive though...
  3. Hi mate - have you heard anymore on this? I picked up my car yesterday and specced the digital key. I have iPhone and can see no way to actually create a mobile key
  4. I have been told the same, it’s not reliable?? I ordered mine 17th March and it finally moved to stage 3 on Sunday. My dealer has told me to expect it end of July? 🤞
  5. Moved to stage 2 ‘with the factory’ today 🕺🏼
  6. Agreed, they are very very minor gripes. Thanks for sharing the link and confirming it can be done 👍👍
  7. Hi 👋 New to the forum 😀Ordered on 17th March - still ‘order is being processed’ but was told 16-20 weeks (think this was more a guess?) Black Leather Estoril’s Sunroof Winter pack Digital key prep Rear camera Park assist Front and rear UTR Can’t wait.. only thing that bugs me a little is, it does look like VW have cut cost on a few things. For example, the cup holders. I currently have the Tiguan R line and that has a nice slider across the top. It also has a gas lifted bonnet. Minor things but seems a bit cheap to not
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