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  1. Congratulations on your new purchase and welcome to R ownership.
  2. I prefer smooth finish silver Hammerite in a spray can. It’s easy to apply, fast drying and lasts for ages. Great for OE looking silver calipers as well.
  3. Love a MK3 Golf in VR form. The rest of the range were uninspiring to say the least. My relationship with a MK3 GTI lasted 3 weeks before we parted company. I used to live in Southampton before moving a few miles north of Portsmouth.
  4. Corrados are definitely a rare sight. I have owned two in the past and this one has been with me since 2000. It’s ready to go and will be taxed at the end of the month for a bit of summer fun. In my opinion the VR is probably one of the best sounding VW engines. Always fancied an R32 but decided to stick with what I have got.
  5. Corrado VR6 is tucked away under cover behind the Golf 👍The GTI is 99.9% as it left the factory.
  6. Which MMB did you go for? Been checking Ali Expess and they seem to sell identical ones a lot cheaper to what is directly available from UK sellers
  7. Highly recommend Pagid pads. I have just fitted a set with Clubsport discs.
  8. VR6 South


    Tyre repairs are extremely common, reliable and cheaper than a new tyre. There shouldn’t be any issues making a repair to this part of the tyre. If you decide to fit a new tyre keep the old one and get it repaired and ready as a spare.
  9. I have used paint protection film to stop the issue from getting any worse.
  10. You are not alone. I have the same issue on a 7.5. I am hoping that the door can be adjusted in some way.
  11. £376.92 was the discounted cost from the Main Dealer. I contacted all of the suppliers and usual suspects in the links and none of them could match the price and then there would be shipping costs to add on top. TPS weren’t interested in discounting at all. Their list price was more expensive than the dealership.
  12. I was lucky that my car came with the Clubsport as part of the factory performance pack. I did a lot of price checking for replacements and my local main dealer offered a 5% discount which no one else could match. IIRC the discs came in at around £390. The pads are now around £170, which is why I opted for Pagid replacements. They have yet to fully bed in and the initial impressions are good.
  13. I tried checking the codes in the owners manual and it didn’t show most of the factory fitted options. I am watching this thread with interest.
  14. Thanks. That’s good to know. I have just fitted Pagid pads with my Clubsport discs and just wanted to check.
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