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  1. Thanks chaps, some good starters there for me to look into. If I manage to clean them up - not scratch them up! - I might post up a few pics for those who like that sort of thing 😁
  2. Hi All Newbie here so hopefully the correct area to post this. I have a 2016 Golf R Estate, had it for 18 months ish now and have to say the two dirty real exhausts v the two clean fakes is starting to annoy me a tad! Is there an easy DIY way to clean them or am I looking at replacements? As some context the car isn't modified at all, I use auto car washes, essentially I'm not really a petrol head at all 😁 So really just looking for a simple and preferably cheap way to remedy this and not make modifications if at all pos. Any help gratefully received, cheers 👍🏻
  3. Hiya Chaps Apologies for bumping up an old thread, but spotted you were both potentially local R owners and wanted to ask about recommendations for good garages to do my service and places to potentially detail etc in the future. I've just moved over from the UK with my Irish wife and family so we are well set with most aspects of living here, the car care is one of the few topics I have zero knowledge of this side of the sea! Any tips gratefully received, cheers 👍🏻🇮🇪 *Pic of my motor attached for ye 😎
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