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  1. So took the car in last week to Coulsdon Volkswagen who ordered the part for me for SOS call fault which what is defective from new, golf r 2019 which I understand was quite expensive to replace the unit. Which was under warranty from Volkswagen anyway because it was under three years old. just would like to know if anyone else had this problem and just to say get in contact with your local VW dealer. Went back two days later and they replaced it under the warranty. Thanks Phil,
  2. I bought a golf r a few weeks ago and SOS call comes up on the main dashboard which I can’t get rid of. Have booked it in with Volkswagen Coulsdon who advise me it needs a new part which will be ordered in a couple of weeks time, defective from new which will cost them £1105 which thank God it’s still under warranty because it’s only two-year-old car. waiting for callback fingers crossed, anyone else got this problem with golf r model 7.5, Thanks Phil,
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