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  1. Can confirm that the 8R is particularly hungry for good premium E5. Got my car back from an extended dealer stay with a ‘goodwill’ tank of fuel, turned out, despite my request that this was obviously boggo 95, the difference after a few tanks of V power in the midrange, and smoothness is incredible, more than I’ve experienced in other cars. The £1.50 a litre however is annoying!
  2. Noticed that a few times, just thought it was a ‘characteristic’!. Have had a proper go in the car though and it is bloody good, Michelin ps4S’s seemingly endless in the grip, and somehow the whole thing feels much more agile. Engines definitely more punchy and smoother past 3k miles
  3. I was just messing around with the system as it had disconnected me (again) from my profile, so did some stuff, maybe linking to phones 5G, then it popped up
  4. Yeah got that too, seems slightly quicker allowing mode change on start, which is something I guess
  5. Will do a blog thing of highlights through Europe, but only wanted?
  6. Can’t say enough how great the car is though, it is fast, comfortable and everything you want t it to be; just highlighting what I’ve experienced
  7. Sorry for the typos, we are a bottle of wine down
  8. So been out on the car, and maybe I’m looking out for things where I shouldn’t, but it really is pissing me off, my better half of quote tech savvy and she’s given up. It’s a shame that infotainment can ruin a great car but it just has
  9. You aren’t alone mate; have ordered an ID3 (company incentive etc), very impressed actually
  10. Whilst the qi charging pad is a bit crap, I do use it a fair bit, at least it keeps your phone charged whilst using it, but did get the overheat warning the other day
  11. Being an owner of a previous M135i (straight 6, rwd), what’s not great about the new one?, sorry to hijack the thread!
  12. I do as am employee of the group, however there seems no further update, I’m sure this being exasperated by the pandemic affecting r&d budgets and time frames
  13. Bizarrely your dealer experience has been similar to mine, I was also handed a brand new golf 8, also with 150 miles on (which I quite liked, but I digress!) can confirm the popping is gone, and it actually agrees with me being the primary user, though it is only one day in. I can now tolerate the UI, which is, frankly, lacking, but I’m unsure of what the dealer will be able to do. aside from this, the car came back with a huge scratch on the bonnet which is the final nail for me, as great as the car is, and it is fantastic, for me, it’s not ready or fit for purpose, wh
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