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  1. doesn't seem to alter between left and right, and I wouldn't have thought bearing. Its going into the dealers in a couple of weeks for a mounting number of issues, guess that's one more thing to mention!
  2. can't see a difference tbh, but then id imagine its so negligible it'd be negated by engine loosening up etc
  3. As per title, a very noticeable whine from the rear when accelerating/cruising in gear, not massively bothersome, but curious as to whether everyone gets this?
  4. Software issues really are getting annoying; had a loading screen on; couldn’t even put on AC or select a radio station, not good
  5. Ps Rebecca, dark mode on the OS looks better, just saying lol!
  6. It’s weird, mine has stuck to left for now, not sure what software anomaly is causing this
  7. I noticed the exact thing on way gone Rebecca, this thing is so software led!. Having a few beers tonight, much needed lol but will be a passenger for the first time; so will report back
  8. I think it’s a very personal thing thing, on my kinda roads the bridgestones gave a very ‘busy’ quality which I didn’t like, but if it’s something you aren’t bothered by, great!. This thing has crazy traction regardless
  9. I will qualify that much work has gone into making this system work, it would just be great for all users of certain issues brought up here could be addressed, it would make our experience more favourable, and I appreciate this is a group wide issue, but please place cadence on the he enthusiast side. that’s for VW
  10. Read that back and realise the typos, sorry
  11. Thanks Rebecca, whilst I won’t divulge what I can I can’t influence, certain things are clear: it takes massive user input to get the desired effect, from a quite focussed user group. please, let me start my bloody car in individual, have hba on, lane assist off (or at least adjusted to be useable) and esc in sport (I mean why do you buy a golf R, and tout tourque be touring as a thing?) sorry, rant over
  12. Fair enough, some track days beckon!!
  13. Well observed, but it definitely isn’t that, clear software issue which I’m sure will be sorted; but where it’s dangerous, needs to be made obvious: I went into mk8 ownership knowing there were going to be issue; I don’t have a problem with the general interface, or the fact that certain things aren’t illuminated, just that it’s takes so bloody long to load
  14. That is an option lol!, they are fine, and the difference only obvious to me, enjoy
  15. They are fine, sorry to suggest otherwis I’m just a bit crazy!
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