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  1. some spoiler that someone had posted in one of the R Facebook groups. Was only cheap of Alibaba express... i will be honest, I got drunk and it wasn’t until my mrs reminded me id ordered something for my car (which hadn’t yet even arrived at the time) that I realised what I’d bought 🙈😂
  2. Can you find the link for the spoiler buddy? I purchased one as it was cheap as chips.... got it here, in a carbon look. but it doesnt fit like it should haha if you can point me int he direction of the link then i may be able to advise people to stay away from it based on my experince with this purchase.
  3. Question? who would like to see an exhaust for the 8R and what would you like to see? full system? GPF delete pipe? GPF back system? carbon tips? What’s people’s thoughts?
  4. My contribution to keeping the thread going
  5. They need to be louder... off to my good friends at Quicksilver exhausts very soon! I’ll be the dev car for us all don’t worry 😉
  6. Thanks for the welcome! It’s been years since I was on a forum but had found VWROC really informative during the 75 day wait for the car so felt I’d join the community.
  7. this was exactly my point made to them.. well I’m no booked in to my Stockport dealer (where I live) for 10am next Thursday. where despite being an inchape like Chester they are happy to support any owner of a Volkswagen, without prejudice to what dealer or was bought from.. Boiled my blood that before earlier though, defo not using Chester.
  8. Called Assetti Performance - ive been in the automotive performance & aftermarket parts business for over 10 years now. Assetti is a new brand mind you thats going to see more face to face with customers as weve always been just ecommerce supply only. So changing things up a bit for ourselves & Just building the new side of things in a brand new modern 15,000 square foot facilty just next to cheshire oaks at the moment but rest assured its going to be something quite special very soon. The golf is my daily driver, ya never know though may be some plans for it in the future. Not sure i will be able to resit when the 4wd Dyno cell is installed in 6 to 12 weeks time.
  9. my daily driver buddy! but if you want any parts then shout me up by all means 😉
  10. Well turns out ive no longer got this booked into Chester as my local convinent dealer as they have refused to do this citing "they can't / are not allowed" as the car was purchased through listers of startford upon avon. quick ohone call to Volkswagen UK customer services... lets see if they agree with the comment "well you could just leave the warning on until the 20,000 mile service" yeah course.... as everyone wants to see that warning everytime they start their vehicle and for the next 19,625 miles..... dear me! love the car but is this what i should expect??
  11. Darlo are you a stockport based member? May see you out and about... make sure its in race mode 😄
  12. Ive booked it in with VW Chester tomorrow morning, they said it shouldnt as it should be 20,000 miles or two years servicing. Guess its just a glitch.
  13. Has anyone with the new R covered decent miles yet? covered over 300 miles in 48 hours and it’s now asking for an oil change on dash, is this running in service or something? I know there has been a lot of posts about software updates on mk8 social media groups etc.. so wondering if this is really does need the service so soon.
  14. Thought I’d introduce myself, I’m Motty. Own a performance & tuning company over in Chester but live in the Stockport area. Received my R on Tuesday, and have covered 300 + miles in 48 hours. Due to commute etc. it’s already displaying requirement for an oil change upon startup 🙈 Here’s a few pictures I had the guys at work take.
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