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  1. Good job iam going bald as i ordered in march and being told dec at earliest 😂
  2. Do what ive done and hire a car until the R arrives, ive got a brand new MK8 GTI on hire from global Autocare for £17 a day, ive been living with the MK8 for 3 weeks now and have to say its a pleasure, the infotainment system really hasn't been a problem or have i put the heated steering wheel on once yet by mistake as reported by many reviewers.
  3. Just been for a drive in my mates MK8 Golf R and wow what a machine it is, cant wait for mine to arrive 😃
  4. I ordered on the 29th march via gateway2lease and ive now been told that iam looking at sept at the earliest for delivery😞
  5. I’ve also ordered through VW Cheltenham (supplier dealer) + Gateway2Lease (leasing co.), ordered 29th of March, totally standard spec in lapiz blue, Iam on build week 26 and belong told July/aug for delivery, so as you say it might be the Akra holding things up🧐
  6. Looks awesome pal, loving them DOTZ laguna seca wheels, better than the factory estorils in my opinion
  7. Sorry for more questions but did you need spigot rings and new bolts to fit the dotz wheels??
  8. Thanks for the info, thinking of getting a set of dotz misano in gloss gunmetal for my standard lease spec lapiz R when it arrives 🤔
  9. Looks ace pal, what is are the specs of the dotz you have fitted 8.0j or 8.5j ET45??
  10. thanks for you input mate, the cm estoril route is what i was going to down but in 19" the ET is 35 and i think there may be too muck poke?
  11. Thanks for the reply, i like the Estorils but mine is coming with the 18" jerez wheels, decisions decisions🤔
  12. Hi All, ive been offered a set of 19" Black Prets at the right price but do you think these will look dated on the MK8 R??
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