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  1. Dealership confirmed its 100% built, guessing next journey of UK is on the boat?
  2. Would have to update on a Sunday so I can't find out which boat it's on haha
  3. 500 mile Golf R in Deep Pearl Black just became available @ Kings Lynn VW ÂŖ41,980
  4. If I did some chasing around and found you a car would you cancel? 🤔
  5. Real life picture of cars at Emden đŸ¤Ŗ😂đŸ¤Ē
  6. Never had DCC on any car so obviously won't understand what all the hype is around, least I can hopefully get different tyres to the car I was suppose to get yesterday that had Bridgestones
  7. Least new people wanting to order have some idea looking at yours and @Scottish0177 of the type of delays expected Guessing my original factory order from early April will be available for anyone as I've cancelled, bw28 confirmed Listers Loughborough ask to speak with Dal or Owen
  8. Any updates at all for yours? Won't it be 4 weeks on Monday?
  9. Meh I know a lot of people have stated DCC should be a "MUST" have option, but long as I've got driving profiles shouldn't be too much of a problem 👍
  10. DCC isn't profile selection though is it? I'm guessing I'll still have the modes available to me but won't be able to "customize"
  11. Regent Garage Criccieth Wales, Peter Evans Business Manager 🤡đŸ¤Ŗ
  12. I'll happily do it if that's allowed haha, don't wanna get in trouble with mods for naming and shaming 😉
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