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  1. Sounds great. Are you ok to take a couple of pictures when you have them installed please? Thanks
  2. Have you received them yet? Can you let me know what they are like before I order a set please? Thanks
  3. Just had confirmation that mine will be delivered on the 14th. 😀
  4. Let us know how you get on with the roof bars. Been looking at these myself as I have Thule ones at the moment however to change the fitting kit and other bits cost more than buying this whole kit! Don’t forget to add the locking bolts for £10.
  5. So I had it confirmed today that the cancelled order is now mine, and I should get the car in the next week or 2 once they swapped all the paperwork over. Result! Very happy 😃
  6. Ordered a golf R last week, the dealer has emailed to say there is a chance I could have one (same spec as I ordered) very soon as they have a cancelled order which is already here in the uk! Will know more after the weekend. I have everything crossed 🤞 😀
  7. I've used Motorlet in the past and they have been good. My current lease is with Johnsons VW (added advantage of no admin fee!).
  8. It’s a 2018 (not black edition, I didn’t like the wheels). It’s Daytona grey, with the standard wheels, privacy glass, b&o, DSG. great to hear it’s in a different league. Was hoping it wouldn’t be too similar to the S3.
  9. Typical though, the GTI had litterly just switched to build date confirmed, W18. It’s been unconfirmed and moving backwards since I ordered in Jan!
  10. Thanks. Coming from an S3 I felt I wouldn’t really be happy with the power loss and going to 2wd. And having seen the performance reviews of the R, plus the standard wheels are much better than the standard gti wheels, I thought it’s worth swapping the order over. It’s not costing much more per month (lease car). The guy I ordered with said to expect it to be a September delivery on a 71. I’m happy to “slum” it around in my S3 until it arrives [emoji23]
  11. Hi all Currently driving an S3, however have just ordered a white R. I did have a GTI on order however got fed up of waiting for it so changed to the R. Not expecting it anytime soon (dealer says could be up to 6 months) so maybe a 71 plate! Looks like a great forum, can’t wait to get it! Cheers Rich
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