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  1. Spotted in Swansea yesterday (Saturday) by Parc tawe.
  2. I’m pretty sure mine has the same issue.
  3. I washed the 8R this afternoon after a trip to Southampton and back, now it’s raining! Great 😂😂
  4. Just did a trip to Southampton and back - 160 miles each way. Really happy with the mpg, 41mpg on the way down and 42 mpg on the way back. Never had this with my S3, also better than my Tiguan mk2 diesel ! 😂
  5. I’m toying with doing the same to mine.
  6. My car came with the R logo ones on the keys, and a pair of standard Vw ones were left in the glove box. So looks like they just swap over.
  7. It’s crazy. After reading all the reviews I was getting worried about the infotainment system, steering wheel, lane assist, haptics etc. These issues are so trivial when you get the car. And the positives definitely outway the negatives! My S3 was rock solid, however I’d take the golf infotainment system and quirks any day. These bugs will get fixed pretty soon. 👍
  8. Loving the white! I couldn’t agree with you more about the infotainment system and steering wheel buttons, I find them no trouble whatsoever! the lane assist thing also doesn’t trouble me that much. I came from an S3 also (I’ve had 4 of them ) and I much prefer the new infotainment system. Yes, it has gremlins at the moment, but being in IT I’m used to new systems having bugs. I don’t think it’s that bad, certainly nothing to put you off buying one, and much better than my 2018 model S3! Enjoy the car, I’m loving mine 👍
  9. Our first mini and she is brilliant fun!
  10. Makes sense. I bet it was unpleasant being in that situation! Not much you can do
  11. What’s the purpose of safelock? Is it for when you leave people in the car?
  12. Yes, this is backed up by the manual: In vehicles with a SAFELOCK mechanism: closing and locking the doors (Keyless Exit) Close the driver door. Touch the locking sensor   on the outside of the driver or front passenger door handle once. The car is locked with the SAFELOCK mechanism   active. The door being used must be closed. Touch the locking sensor Ⓑ (arrow) on the outside of the driver or front passenger door handle twice to lock the vehicle without activating the SAFELOCK mechanism
  13. I think this is the safelock feature. I thought it was double lock to enable the interior handles??
  14. Not sure if it’s already been mentioned, however I found the central locking a little confusing. I was washing the car, and noticed if I had the key with me and touched the passenger door handle, the car would open and close every time I touched it. i thought the same would happen when I tried to lock the car from the drivers side handle, however found out it wouldn’t unless I pressed my finger into the ridge on the door handle. It would open easy enough, however I couldn’t get it to lock. Figured out that I had to push my finger into the groove. It could be my ca
  15. Ha, that’s the first time I’ve heard someone saying they should wrap a roof box! I think you should though 😂😂
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