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  1. Same story as mine (week 22) based on your information looks like it could be at least another 3 weeks.
  2. Dealer spoke to VW UK this morning, car was built in week 22 and is at final build stage still 2 weeks later, awaiting parts at end of production line.
  3. So I got this reply from my VW dealer in week 23 (last week) for my confirmed build week 22 order. I have chases for a reply but no update to date still. “Your car did enter its build week last week, so it is being built as we speak! We are seeing cars currently reach the end of the production line and await final parts, so we will be sure to inform you of any news regarding this and once it has left for transit to us. If you do have any further question, then please do get in touch and I will be sure to help out as best as I can for you.”
  4. My order date was similar to the other week 23 builds (April 21st 2021) but I do find it odd after ordering 5x golfs in the past that a week after still no one knows if it’s left the factory or not?
  5. Just got word back from dealer, car did go into production last week (week 22 ) confirmed, but they have no update yet if it’s finished or parked for parts. At least it’s some progress.
  6. I’m guessing mine is the same then and why I have not had a reply as they don’t know either
  7. Mine was confirmed for last week and been chasing dealer but no update???? when is MY23 change over?
  8. Sorry, those wheels against the white look horrific Shame its not that special and is the spoiler really bespoke, looks like a regular PP one?
  9. Had an email from my dealer after the VW email to confirm build week 22 is locked in!!!
  10. same here also ordered a year ago exactly, maybe that’s the trigger point 😆 I did ask the dealer for an update 2x days ago and it was showing week 22 so guess that’s when it will be then.
  11. That's very interesting as maybe its a certain part they think will be coming in week 22? I have a similar spec to yours, white, PP, DCC, Winter pack, HK and Sunroof. Maybe its the HK units or sunroof that's coming week 22?
  12. Just had another update nearly a month after the last and it’s still showing week 22 which it’s been showing for about 2x months now. orderded April 21
  13. So I got my first unprompted update from dealer today, still at week 22 which means it has not been pushed back further since last update about a month ago. That’s the only positive since ordering last April 😆 still unconfirmed though!
  14. Was told the same and same order time, they must be basing that on stock of parts being delivered, as in that’s when the next batch gets delivered and your car might be built that week?
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