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  1. I am a member of several Forums for different things and also the equivalent FB groups. I often find that the FB groups will offer quicker responses but the quality of the responses are diluted by the amount of trolls and irrelevant content. Forums are usually slower to respond but have a higher level of knowledge and experience without the negativity and trolling on FB groups. What does everyone else think? Will forums stay relevant? Has FB hurt forum membership? Are you a member of both types?
  2. Is there a member with a helix dongle based in the east midlands that could code my sub? I`m based in Nottingham. Or know anyone that could do it / lend me the dongle?
  3. Hi Guys, I have just installed a Helix sub (spare wheel type) and it all seems to work..but....i have some wires left over in the bag...they are the two black and yellow ones..what have i done wrong?
  4. HunterT

    Newbi here

    Lol that’s a certainty 😩
  5. HunterT

    Newbi here

    It’s stage 2 APR by VRS, I’m not sure it needs tuning….
  6. Tried on two different machines, both Macs..one with the original VW sd card and one with a new sd. These are what im getting
  7. HunterT

    Newbi here

    I have to say that i have had some cars that are considered special recently..but the R just seems a complete package and without having to make compromises.
  8. Hi, trying to update the nav is driving me mental crazy. I get through the procedure past the point where it is creating a back up...then it just says error, check network....i have no idea what network it is talking about, my wifi is fine and it must be as i had only just downloaded the discovercare app...any idea what is going on?
  9. HunterT

    Newbi here

    Hi, Newbi in Nottingham. I have just become the owner of a LSG, DSG R. Its a Mk7 and has heated leather, Nav, DCC and a sunroof. It has also been serviced by VRS for a number of years and has a APR stage 2 tune including hardware, all done at VRS. The drive home was great.
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