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  1. It’s probably your tyres mate. I found my back end sliding in the rain when my rear threads were getting low. I have eagle f1 asymmetric 5s and they’re great in the rain, I’ve had ps4s in the past and I felt they were great but noisy. I do get the back end out if I push it in the wet, however I also have the haldex set to increased traction in adaptations which might contribute to that. Maybe worth checking on VCDS, you might have that option selected.
  2. Damn mate I know how you feel. I had a similar issue on my old mk5 gti due to an oil pump failing, it blew a fist size hole in the bottom block and I ended up fitting another engine in as fixing it wasn’t worth the price and effort. Hope your assessor finds something.
  3. Also curious to see how the intake valves look at 90k. The mpi injectors are suppose to help with carbon build up so hoping they’re not as bad as the older tfsi’s.
  4. Hah sorry @Penguin was meant to tag @EcosseGolfR in the post.
  5. I ended up getting the genuine AB revision from eBay. £360 all for all 4. Just waiting for them to turn up. @Penguin I thought about the Bosch ones but decided to go with the OEM options. I did get a cheaper price on the AJ ones from the same seller and they were £460. He did mention there’s not a noticeable difference between AB, AE and AJ and advised on just getting the AB ones. ABs were made in 2018 so it’s what’s in the 7.5s so fine with that. AE’s are 2019 so assuming AJ is 2020. Going to fit them in myself, hopeful that should sort the issue. If not I’ll change the mpi injectors too. 4x 06L906031A at £110. Think they’re easier to get to and don’t need the intake manifold removing. Might change the PCV too just for piece of mind but will wait to see if it was the injectors that were at fault.
  6. Hi mate sorry to post, it won’t let me

    send you a private message, was reading through your post regarding your injectors. Did you end up changing the port injectors or the ones on the fuel rail ? 
    I have a similar issue with the idle feeling lumpy once warmed up. 

    1. Msportman


      We changed the Port injectors 

      I bought 4 new ones as the labour to fit if another failed meant it made sense to do all 4.


      Its a common issue.



    2. DaveGR


      Thanks mate. I’ve bought all 4. 

  7. Nice one mate They are mate. But hopeful it solves our issue. Do you know what revision you changed yours to. Been told AB, AE and AJ are the better ones to use. Think I have revision L. Have you had a look at your sparks ? Do they look like mine ?
  8. Just rang my TPS - latest revision is 06L906036AJ - £192.61 each. £770.44 for all 4. Wow But seen a set on eBay for £365 so might go for that one instead. Part number ends in AE. Unless there’s a cheaper Bosch equivalent if anyone can help with a part number for that.
  9. I think it’s bad injectors mate. Been told early 14-15s are prone to having injectors stuck open. Think that’s why my sparks 1 and 4 and caked with soot Also had an occasion with the car struggling to start when start stop is switched on. Even after swapping both o2 sensors. This happens when I’m sat idling for 10 mins +. Car starts to vibrate not severe but noticeable. I rechecked all my boost hoses etc. Had it smoked tested and all was fine so points to injectors. Im going to order the 4 main ones and if that don’t solve it I’ll get the other 4.
  10. Not sure if I’m looking at the right options on VCDS. This is what I think my fuel trims are showing. It started off at -4.7 on the long term. Then after 15mins or so drops to -54.7. Anyone with any ideas ? Short term stays around 0% all the way through. No change in idle. Idles fine at the moment.
  11. I had one code return - P21F9 - Too rich at idle.
  12. Just checked my codes again after a few days, mpg did improve, rough idling came back but not as drastic as it was before. My garage suggested checking all Intake/intercooler piping as there could be an air leak somewhere so I’m going to recheck that today. Thinking if it’s not that most likely a leaky injector. My next step would be replacing injectors, but from reading your post looks like that may not even be the case. Can someone confirm if 06L906036AE is the latest revision injectors. Coming in at £360 I might just do this. and 06L906031A is the latest revision for the low pressure/port injectors ? @S3 golf r Where on VCDS can I look for the short term fuel trim ?
  13. * correction, I cleaned the pre cat o2 sensor not the post cat one.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I’m thinking I probably have a leaky injector somewhere. Going to see if I can get them tested somehow. I’ve noticed a drop in mpg, but nothing too drastic. A motorway trip gave me around 330 miles to a tank driving eco all the way. But I’ve heard people get around 400 so based on that maybe. I’ve also noticed when the car gets warmed up and I’m sat in traffic idling or I’ve been sat idling for a long time it does tend to start vibrating ever so slightly like somethings not right. But then again this could just be the o2 sensor not reading right and chucking lots of fuel in to compensate. But to update, I cleaned what I could off the post o2 sensor and plugged that back in. Put everything back together, cleared the codes, and no faults found. I left the car idling for around 30 mins to try and replicate what it normally does when idling but nothing at all. Rechecked on VCDS, no faults. Took the car out on a pretty hard run, and it seems to run better than it did before. Got back, again let it idle for around 30 mins and still no codes. Checked misfire count too and have nothing pop up. Touch wood the problem was the o2 sensor, but then the sparks have me worried now. Going to give it a few days, but going to replace the o2 sensor with a new one tomorrow just for piece of mind. Should I get some new sparks ordered ? Thinking if the codes pop up again the next step would be injectors. Can anyone recommend somewhere to get those tested or am I better off getting new ones. Appreciate the help. Thanks a lot Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. That’s the precat o2 sensor. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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