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  1. Well I bought the car the week before last, things not on the advert so far, high beam, lane assist, telephone prep (I think) and dcc. I wasn’t fussed on the leather and it has nappa which I’ve since discovered is expensive 😊
  2. Ooh exciting thanks, another thing I didn’t know I had 🤗
  3. Aah it does have lane assist so that makes sense thank you. I don’t think it has high been assist, without trying to blind someone is there a way to tell?
  4. I noticed this the other day, in the black section of the windscreen behind the rear view mirror which I think is the rain detector area there’s a little triangle cutout with something inside it almost like a lense, any idea what this is as I’ve not seen one before? thanks,
  5. I’m getting the network error too. Which head unit do you have? I have the mib2 pro and using a Mac to run discovercare. Going to try a windows machine if I can get hold of one to try
  6. That was my thinking but the other way round, by the time it’s mot’d roadside assistance and serviced the warranty is almost feee
  7. Spoke to my local dealer the other day and they said in a few weeks they will be selling an extended VW warranty pack which includes services, VW extended warranty, MOT and breakdown for around £33 per month, seems a pretty decent price, thoughts?
  8. I guess so, will see how I get on, I’ve never kept a car long enough for the wheel to go shiny 😂
  9. Wow so colourlock is some kind of witchcraft, thanks Booth 👍 Just used it and thought nothing of it as it was all wet, then it dried to a pretty much as new Matt grippy finish instead of the shiny slippy finish I had before, awesome!! I’ve only used a few squirts so if someone wants to buy my set let me know, I’ll probably put an ad up for it as mines ok now 👍
  10. If you download the software from the Vw site, it will fetch the new maps for you and update the sd card, just pop it back in and you’re good to go. Back it up first, there’s an option for that.
  11. Thanks Pete, where did you buy it and was it tricky to do the side parts of the lower bumper?
  12. I know there are lots of topics on this, i'd like to dechrome the grille and lower bumper on my 7 Are my options limited to - Badge skins which seem good but a little pricey Pay someone to wrap them in gloss 3m (Anyone have a rough price on this please?) Buy 3m myself and stick it on which i could very well bugger up TIA
  13. I had a weird running issue on my MK7 GTI, VW had it for months before taking the turbo off and finding out the centre spline had broken. There are certain turbo model no's with issues, that was all with a GTI anyway, could be similar with the R.
  14. Have been poking around trying to update the maps and it looks like i can connect the head unit up to my WiFi and update it that way if i activate Car-Net. What features does it give you other than map updates over wifi and do you have to pay a subscription at all? Thanks
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