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  1. Oil has plummeted to the lowest it’s been for months and the dollar is trading higher than pre covid which again pushes it down, with the fear of recession. Yet again us mere mortals are lucky to get a few pence a litre off, a more fluid system needs to be put in place and quickly to ensure the end user gets the benefit of the trading system as opposed to just the sharp end.
  2. Lovely little motorcar, looks perfect in red couldn’t imagine one in anything else.
  3. Absolutely that’s my point mate, I’d swap pretty much every fluid at 3 years old and then yearly after that (except engine of course) I did everything at once at the dealers knocked me a few quid off for doing so, basically anything with a drain plug!
  4. It’ll just be a lack of knowledge, but there is a front and rear diff oil service that needs doing, debate on when but it does no oil is lifetime as far as I’m concerned. If they aren’t able to communicate it clearly then as advised by others maybe time to look elsewhere, out of interest what dealership is it?
  5. I had my ‘diff oil’ done it’s effectively the bevel box which wants just under a litre of oil in it, usually done in sync with the haldex oil. They say lifetime oil or at least higher mileage, had mine done at 3 years mileage was around 15k for peace of mind and the fact the oil in there would have gone through the bedding in process etc. So I understand there’s debate about when to have it done, but it definitely should be done and I’d be alarmed that they have just conceded the fact it doesn’t exist due to them being challenged.
  6. I’ve watched videos on them in the past and they look a very, very good outfit ran by a very knowledgeable chap (Ben I believe) who has created some monsters on the platform. So no personal experience, but I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to take my car there if I wanted it tuning.
  7. Taking it for what it is, the gearbox was good and a big improvement on previous gens but of course it’ll never match a modern DCT or even torque convertor box for driving experience, but genuinely when pottering and even for overtaking as I say it was fine. Also agree with your points after that, mainly the BMW 330 & 530E brigade that have never even plugged them in and just fill it with petrol whilst enjoying their low cc tax. The yaris however like other Toyota Hybrids is self charging and the new CVT box has a designated gear with aggressive braking regen so it char
  8. They don’t look very appealing, I suppose the plus point which sounds like the only one from your review is the fact it’s a cheap family based electric car around £20k lightly used (I think), a range of realistically 120-130 miles which enough for the odd supermarket and school run as opposed to commuting or a driving machine, although maybe that wouldn’t even swing it from what you‘re saying 😂
  9. They’ll certainly have to impose something on the EV drivers to make up for the literal billions of lost revenue when the day of no ICE arrives. Amazing the difference a little bit of an electric motor makes to MPG, I suspect in relation to my OP that the real R&D of the big companies is being put in to fully electric cars in preparation for the above which is of course understandable but I feel as though there are plenty of advances still to be made in hybrid motoring.
  10. noticeable upgrades on the gearbox and also the chassis, so I believe anyway as I say the previous gen was pants especially the box, also believe power is up and of course Yaris being a smaller car may have played a role.
  11. 😂 yes should have stated it was a hire car!
  12. Popped to visit family and was given a 2021 Toyota Yaris 1.5 Hybrid, new shape same as the GR. Seriously impressed, what a car it is I’d happily own one as a commuter. I got in and it was spacious I’m 6ft2 and no issues with driver seat room and also in the back due to the longer wheelbase of the new model, ample adjustment on the wheel and seats which were comfy and sporty, the infortainment system was easy to use and had all the info required these days plus the old school dials and display were easy to read, large glovebox and armrest too! CVT gearbox much im
  13. I’m sort of the opposite, haven’t really gelled with my R but ar the same time it’s a good all rounder and I don’t know what I’d replace it with, it would certainly cost a lot to do so.
  14. You’d think so wouldn’t you, but I just wondered with VW in case they say something along the lines of ‘we would have advised X or similar’ in the event of any component issues or whether they’d advise it as a condition of keeping everything up to date with the all in one.
  15. Hi All I have the all in one package, which of course covers MOT’s only problem is that they have 1 slot which I can make before my MOT expires however it’s awkward with my work schedule and they also don’t have any hire cars, if I was to have the car MOTd at a VAT registered garage, does anybody know if this would invalidate the warranty? Obviously I don’t want to cause any issues
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