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  1. Gus Fring

    Hi All

    Fingers crossed! I’m not looking for any spec just want a 7.5 in decent condition I never knew it would be such hard work! Hopefully source one soon but if not it’ll be the S4 and I’ll be happy either way!
  2. Gus Fring

    Hi All

    Struggling to do deals at the minute, had some bad luck with dealers not calling me back etc. strange really as I have the cash and want a car so it’s not as though I’m wanting to test drive or kick tyres, likewise I’m talking big dealerships. Pushing me away really and putting me off, so I have been looking at the S4 the last couple of days, if I can get something done by the weekend an R remains the priority, if not I shall leave it and look elsewhere!
  3. Gus Fring

    Hi All

    Thank you for the welcome messages everybody, I’m not a spec person my only wants are 5 doors, a pre OPF with DSG oh and the wife wants white! So of course it’ll be white. Plenty around at the minute and cash is waiting, so it’s just a case of finding one I like (there’s no immediate rush, but at the same time I want one now!)
  4. Gus Fring

    Hi All

    Hello I have recently sold my TT (loved it!) and have been looking at 7.5 Rs to fill the void. Two currently on my shortlist which I’m hoping to view shortly and hopefully be driving by next weekend. Always had really good experiences on forums and having had a quick scan through this one looks good! Hopefully be back shortly with some pictures! GF
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