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  1. I don’t have personal experience, but I’ve watched a few videos of devil developments down on the south coast they build VAG engines and can go down the stand alone ECU route etc. depending how far you want to go of course. This guy certainly sounds a lot more switched on than most on the engineering side of things especially. ps lovely R mate, from a fellow indium grey with black bits (best colour) owner
  2. Oopsies, lost that in the other couple of videos posted it’s worth posting twice for the MK8 owners, gave a good showing and something a bit different
  3. An interesting match up, please feel free to delete if it’s been posted elsewhere. GF
  4. I always travel to and recommend Will at P Torque, I’m based near(ish) to Nottingham but it’s always worth the drive to near Wolverhampton! He’s a wizard.
  5. Following the post above… it is definitely trolling.
  6. In the nicest possible way mate you sound like a broken record and almost troll like now, there has been a number of potential solutions offered to you and if I was as bothered as you are, I’d have sold it and purchased something else I wanted by now, clearly you’ll never like it regardless as it doesn’t do anything you want from a car based on your posts. Pick the three things you want in a car and buy one that does them, that’s always my way of doing it.
  7. Is it actually warranty safe? I would have thought the altered values would cause some interesting data for VW. I’m not arguing it does by the way, I’m just genuinely intrigued as I presumed it was no different to a remap with regards to the old TD1 and flagging up with VW in the event of issues? I’m GPF model and want to keep my warranty, although the devil keeps trying to drag me towards the 400ps performance package 😂 but in reality I’ll just keep it stock apart from maybean exhaust next year some time.
  8. All sorted, thank you for the help as ever - top forum!
  9. I was going to call them directly today as I haven’t got the scratchcard was just given the sequence, I’d like the app potentially so was going to see the options in terms of letting them know I’m the owner (I of coursw have the V5 etc.) and transferring it to me so I can get said app working.
  10. Thanks Slider, I presume you reverse the sequence to take it out of service mode or will it stop automatically at a certain point? I want to go and check the above but don’t want to disable it and not be able to reset it.
  11. Thank you for the reply Bec. Can you tell me what it should be? Just for safety purposes I don’t want to put it in here of course! I presumed even if it was a VW thing there would be a level of variance?
  12. Sometimes certain people just don’t work with certain cars, can depend on what you’ve had previously or certain characteristics you may like in a car. I think the Golf does a lot very well, but ultimately for a lot of people it won’t be a special occasion car - I’ve seen a lot of people here comparing purchase to Porsche Caymans etc. It may go just as quick in the right circumstances but it’s still a Golf (you can go quick full of cargo and with 5 people in it) If you want an all rounder, that offers good practicality and genuine speed they are great but if people are buyi
  13. Evening everybody So I got my car and when I first received it was told there is a sequence to start the car (like a ghost) however I have no record of whether it is a ghost, a different type of immobiliser or even if it is a standard VW thing, I asked the dealership and they haven’t responded. I am just curious if there’s any way to gauge if it’s aftermarket or indeed whether it’s just a standard VW thing? When I take the car for servicing I’d like to change the sequence afterwards potentially just for peace of mind. Would appreciate any help.
  14. Would much rather save a boat load of cash and get an older M240i or even the M235i. A shame they didn’t offer xdrive on the previous gen which is the plus point for this model, but my god it’s revolting to look at the front is genuinely one of the worst I have ever seen and the back isn’t much better. So yea as above in my opinion would much rather have the older model and cash in my pocket.
  15. Thank you Bec, we (my wife) don’t like vanilla or banana - anything else is good to go really! It still has the new car scent in general. Will check out the link and the other products mentioned! Thank you.
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