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  1. They’ll soon be evil when the government realise the lost income from the absurd taxes on fuels and of course road tax for vehicles at £40k + I have nothing against electric and I actually like the car in question here, but I think it’s fair to say that the honeymoon period of everything for nothing will soon be over and taxes of some sort will be thrown at EV owners.
  2. No doubt there isn’t a GPF option or if so it’ll be about £2,500 😂
  3. Driving home tonight, roadworks and temp lights in place however the road was left in an absolute sh*t state with a huge jagged ramp. Long story short, front drivers tyre ripped to shreds and I’ll be about £150 down coupled with uneven grip may move the backs to the front. Yet another cost in what is turning out to be a bad run of luck. I’ve emailed the council but I doubt that will come to much. Overall a really annoying frustrating situation and it’s also upset my wife.
  4. Gus Fring


    I’m a Michelin fan, currently got Contis on my R and I don’t rate them at all. They are too noisy, too soft, ok feedback but not as good as the Michelin PS and overall just don’t give me as much confidence when pushing on, I really don’t understand how they were/are OEM for high powered RWD AMG’s. The only other tyre I’d try (I haven’t owned a car but drove one with them) is the Goodyear F1.
  5. Read my mind I was going to do a similar thread to see/get some inspiration for R accesories etc.
  6. Absolutely there is no comparison regarding the engines, the torque the B58 makes with just a stage 1 map is frightening as the previous m1/240 showed but couple that with X drive now and it’s a seriously quick car.
  7. In fairness, freeze frame it looks a lot closer than watching it live. I’m sure over the next few months there will be many similar videos showing them compared. M240 finds itself in a weird position now, though as any quicker and closer to 400bhp and they’d strangle a lot of M2 sales, so be interesting to see whether they offer their ‘switchable’ AWD or try and keep it RWD for purity (I suspect the former) also the power it makes as again they probably won’t want the M2 too close to the 3/4 so I’d guess 420ish.
  8. A lot quicker, a lot more to buy
  9. Same for me actualy I love the RS5, very aggressive looking although I like to have 5dr now and it’s quite rare to find a decent one, all the nice specced models are the coupe! (Understandable) although totally different I also like the Macan. Nothing else ‘hot hatchy’ really grabs me these days unfortunately. Must say though that grille on the 3/4 series has really grown on me, especially when I saw an M4 in the flesh it looked a lot better than the pictures.
  10. That’s the one, I couldn’t think of the manufacturer off the top of my head the ZF was used on Rolls Royce too I believe amongst others. With you on the model designations, what happened to 1.6 tdi 1.8t etc 😂 Audi wrecked their good work as pointed out with the 45 35 30 efforts Mercedes have their 300 and 400 etc. that aren’t BMW have always been a bit weird, but their keeping of M135i when switching to the 2 litre from the 3 litre was annoying for car guys but understandble for the marketing (I guess)
  11. Not sure if the new 240 will use the ZF but the current 1/235i 2.0 use a new 8 spd torque convertor box which is miles behind the ZF (according to reports). I’ve only used ZF before and it’s great.
  12. Presuming it will be powered by the B58 still? If so coupled with X drive it will be a scary machine. Was peed off that the previous gen 1 series was never offered here in xdrive guise.
  13. Took me a while, I kind of knew these things anyway but I didn’t appreciate it until the roadtrip the car was one of the highlights of the trip as sad as that sounds!
  14. I was looking at the RS3 I know with prices atm it’s probably the worst time but I couldn’t justify the cost (both purchase and running) for the better engine and more premium badge, one thing that also really annoys me (trivial I know) is the centre screen coming out of the dash I really dislike that, I know that the virtual cockpit is more detailed but I like the fixed screen on the R to control things as opposed to the wheel.
  15. Exactly this and that’s what put it ahead of the M140i for me, safety and the AWD for my partner plus the vag servicing costs.
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