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  1. Doesn’t matter how EV owners try to polish it up, right now filling a car with fuel is massively easier and time efficient. In time sure the gap may close but at present I’d prefer to do regular longer journeys in an ‘ICE’ than an EV
  2. I think that one looks okay it’s what I was looking for, a panel filter, butchering airboxes and plastic etc isn’t for me.
  3. The 8 is the last Golf, already been confirmed to me. It’ll be electric but won’t be a Golf, whether they use more ID names or choose something different is still a mystery.
  4. Hi All Can anybody recommend an induction kit for the 7.5, I refuse to pay over £400 for an R600 so wondered if there was a more sensibly priced alternative available. I’m not interested in optimal power or flow as the car is standard and will remain so, I just want a bit more induction/engine noise so don’t mind if it’s open/closed etc. Cheers Gus
  5. The autotrader app, there is plenty of a similar age and mileage to the 8R
  6. A lot less supply as has been said, plus they are incredibly expensive yes everything is relative when it comes to cars but the R was always king of the lease/pcp and with less leasing deals about along with increased base price and interest rates they aren’t an attractive proposition. The cheapest I can see is £565 with £5k down and 8k miles on PCP which is crazy money. Similar A35s and M135i’s are £350-£400 for comparison.
  7. If by started getting more power you mean that you have tuned it, hopefully you’ve tuned the gearbox too whilst it’s not essential if you want to maximise the additional power it’s always recommended. I’m always surprised when people are shocked things don’t work 100% as they should when they are shoving loads more power through the drivetrain.
  8. I won’t let it bother me personally, in Britain we live in a society where there are no consequences so people think they can do whatever they want especially when it comes to driving, 99% of people that drive aggressively will shrivel up when confronted. When it comes to speeding around and trying to flex their muscles on slip roads I’ll laugh it off, however if you put me or my family in danger with blatant aggressive driving then you’ll be getting punched at the very least with zero remorse from me and I’ll go on with my day with a smile. As mentioned above, I’m sick to death of this country at present, there are no consequences for anything and it needs to change, but I’ll climb off my soapbox.
  9. Petrol works just fine, maybe if countries stood up to china and worked on things like plastic reduction where viable Joe Bloggs wouldn’t get guilt tripped in to buying an electric car to save the world, they have a huge production footprint and are effectively black matter once they are done something which isn’t being spoken about enough. I think a viable solution is hybrid, but nobody really seems to be interested in improving them currently.
  10. Don’t know if you have kids/dogs etc. but if you don’t need space I’d recommend a TTS or even just the facelifted 208bhp version. I had a manual fwd 208bhp that was stage 2 they only weigh around 1200kg and rolling it was quicker than my R for sure. I think everybody needs a TT at some point but I might be bias, they just make you want to go out and drive for thr sake of it.
  11. I just find it to be a bit floaty, the non dcc on 19s is firm when pressing on but I find it a breeze on long journeys, I’m probably in the minority that prefers the Golf as a cruiser on a long trip as opposed to blasting it around a/b roads, whilst I don’t in any way mean this as a dig the R is just too easy and a bit meh, I think down to the DSG and engine combo being simply too good, takes no concentration, no worry not even a thought just anywhere, anyplace foot down and go.
  12. Agree with everything you said apart from the DCC it’s the most overrated option available, it makes an already floaty car floatier. I think for the bigger S cars it’s worth it but not a golf I find mine on 19s plenty comfortable enough for a ‘performance’ car.
  13. it could be down to the tyres? Could be the map (if the car is tuned), could be the gearbox circuit board or just about any other of about 200 things mate, forums are good if people have had an exact issue resolved, however if you’re talking occasional wheel slip unless the car is in front of them it’s not really viable to be giving you answers as you could be les down a path and spend £ that isn’t required.
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