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  1. @DaveGR how you getting on with the injectors
  2. @DaveGR can you provide me the link from the ones you got from eBay thanks
  3. Did you manage to get any injectors cheaper then TPS
  4. The ones I have is 06L906036H I have changed my spark plugs and coils, originally when I removed them they needed changing. Let us know how you get on changing the injectors
  5. The injectors are expensive I had changed the 4 injectors previous and still had the fault then I sent all 8 injectors to R Tech performance they tested all injectors and all came back equal and passed the test. Let me know how you get on I have been to town and back with this fueling issue a lot of £££ spent. I have had different mechanics on it to still no joy.
  6. I am getting that same as DaveGr long term fuel is -46
  7. I have taken car for test drive and fault P21F9 Came back long term is -40 short term will go -3 or +2 then back to 0
  8. On vcds I cannot find short term had to use my friends autel to get the short term.
  9. Short term is meant to be at 0 value is correct
  10. Mine starts to idle different when it has reached upto temperature or if I drive it for few miles.
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