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  1. @CS18 glad to have helped! In the end I rented one off a guy on eBay. As a new forum member I felt awkward about asking around to borrow one.
  2. @v7fmp I have a 7.5 estate and it sits on top of the space save wheel. In the hatch it needs to replace the tyre as the wheel it sits higher up, over the back axle.
  3. Hi @CS18 A couple of months in and I can wholeheartedly recommend the install/upgrade. Beyond just more bass, the overall clarity, breadth of the soundstage and drive of music is a serious step change above stock. As others have said, it does require post install programming with a dongle, and the quality of the source audio does make a significant difference. DAB music and low bit-rate streamed music from Apple/Spotify etc. sounds little better than stock, but if you go to the app settings and up the streaming quality and the difference is absolutely noticeable and well worth it.
  4. Thank you both for the recommendations. I took the car to First Aid Wheels (fawheels) in the end and was waiting until I got the alloys back before replying. Having just picked the car up I can add my recommendation. FAWheels did a great job. They put a pair of temporary wheels on so I could still use the car for the three days it took to do the work (maybe that’s usual practice?). The price, £110 per wheel for a full refurb.
  5. Oh yes, that would have been helpful of me to say… West London.
  6. I’m ashamed to say I badly scraped one of the alloys this afternoon (booo!) Does anyone have any recommendations for where I could go to have it repaired (and how successful the repair is likely be…managing my expectations and all that). Thank you and happy driving all.
  7. Amazing! A much neater solution. Thank you for taking the time to post the photos and explanation. I think I know what I’m doing this weekend…
  8. Under the back seats and out through the centre sounds like a much neater solution, please do post some photos!
  9. Hello all, I hope everyone is enjoying the sun? Does anyone have any suggestions for a rear-mounted bike rack? Transporting 2 bikes for day-trips. I don’t have a trailer hook and I definitely can’t use the roof rack as if I do I can guarantee I will drive into a height restriction at some point!
  10. I couldn't decide between code 60 and 98 though. Does any one have any thoughts on that? My impression was that the quality of sound was the same on both but that on code 60 the unit got very loud very quickly, but on 96 it took a few more clicks of the volume dial to get to the same volume (giving a little more finesse of control). But that might just be me. I'll probably agonise over whichever one is correct forever...!
  11. Thanks for the good luck messages. I'm pleased to say that after about 3 to 3.5 hours, and lots of tea, I managed to get the system installed! I don't think I can add much to all the existing resources available on this forum and on YouTube, other than to it's a job absolutely achievable by even someone with no prior experience of monkeying about with cars and car audio (like me). Though I was glad I bought some trim and terminal removal tools! I've added a couple of photos that show some of the cable routing to the boot/trunk in case they help someone doing an estate
  12. Hello all, The Helix sub/amp/DSP arrived the other day so, armed only with hundreds of YouTube tutorials, blog posts, pdf walkthroughs and a new set of trim removal tools, I’m about to embark on the install to my mk7.5 R Estate. Excited and apprehensive in equal measure. This will be my first ever car upgrade...but how different can auto electrics be to motorcycle electrics? (Don’t answer that!) Wish me luck!
  13. Adding a reversing camera and USB ports to the rear seat vent housing to the list... ...plenty to get me into trouble!
  14. Thank you for all the welcomes! You've made me very happy I've joined! I think I've attached a photo, taken in a rare moment of sunshine. No surprises to be found as the car's currently completely stock (and pretty basic spec at that)...but I'm in love! To be honest the first upgrade is going to be a Helix plug-and-play sub/amp install. Not looking for a total sonic transformation but something with a bit more separation and bass... It's on its way from Germany right now so fingers crossed I'll be tackling that in a couple of weekends time. Beyond that I w
  15. Hello all. I hope everyone is (and has been) well. Recent proud owner of a 2018 Golf R Estate here. Very much enjoying getting out for drives whenever possible. Even if London isn’t exactly the greatest every place for it! Planning on some self-installed upgrades so fair warning: I’m sure I’ll be asking for advice / help the moment my over-inflated opinion of my skill level gets me into trouble...So thanks in advance! Safe driving everyone. Roland
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