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  1. 🤣🤣 we ordered in February and it arrived in the UK last Friday and fingers crossed collecting next Friday! So pissed off it's going to rain constantly though!
  2. How exciting!! 😁 the most awaited update on the tracker! All of a sudden its real!
  3. We ordered beginning of Feb, built first week of June and collecting next Friday! It's been a bloody long wait!
  4. Very excited that we now have a collection date of next Friday 25th! Happy birthday to me! Massive bonus of the wait is that our part ex (bmw x3) has gone up 3.5k and our settlement figure has gone down! New finance deal does mean that the tax and lapiz blue option has gone up £40 overall but being 3.5k better off means the £40 is irrelevant!! Roll on next week!!
  5. It's in but we must have missed the tracker update this morning!!
  6. My ship decided to stop in the middle of the sea and the arrival time changed from today at 1.26pm to tomorrow at 5.25am 🙄
  7. @JaseW City of Oslo confirmed by dealer! Thank you
  8. Great stuff thank you My dealer told me they are going to collect the car for me! They have been absolute diamonds, way better then BMW!!
  9. Wow that's a fast turn around. Very exciting. Vw are going to find out the ship for me but the chat says its heading towards Grimsby! What a good day! 👍
  10. Well this was a surprise this morning. May have wee'd myself a little bit! Car arrived at Emden on Sunday and today we are at 5c! 1 ship currently moored at Emden and that's the Mallacca Highway! Live chat told me 2 days ago it could be there for upto 15 working day and shipping info is only updated at the beginning of the week! Excited beyond belief 😆
  11. This is just brilliant! I'm all over it!! It's going to keep me entertained for hours! Sod train spotting I'm going to be a full fledged ship follower! 🤣🤣
  12. Yes, I am now going to ask you what the app is called, I'm that excited and need to know....lol! They have 21 days! Let's hope that's possible. Te saturday before I'm free for a handover 🤣🤣
  13. Wow this is really really helpful, thank you so much! It's my birthday the end of the month so I would really like it for then haha! Amazing stuff I'll be keeping my eyes on the ships. Thank you again!
  14. We were tagged on to a dealer order beginning of February and it was only build last week! 🙄😳 Now at Emden!
  15. Hey, how's the car? Which port did yours go to? As you collected from Cambridge...🙂 Ours it at emden now.....waiting!! 🙄 Do we know how many ships come over each week? This wait it killing me now I know it's built.
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