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  1. I never really pay attention to the base number to much as it can vary so from dyno to dyno, but always interesting to see what increase is achieved from simple mods.
  2. Thats a real shame, I was looking forward to seeing what they do with it.
  3. Reading this thread has me wondering if I’ve made the right decision. In the past I’ve have terrible experiences with deals and manufacturers and I really don’t think I can be bothered going through all that again.
  4. The did but can’t recall what that was to be honest.
  5. I ordered similar time, I was told late October/ early November
  6. MY21 - MY22 Differances Since MY21 all Golf 8 Hatch and Estate have been built with the Navigation system ‘Discover Media’ including Streaming and Internet (RBF), with this version of the infotainment system it was not possible to toggle the map view between the 8” infotainment screen and Digital cockpit 10” display. However, all MY21 cars with RBF are built with (QH1) Voice control with no extra cost. MY21 cars built with RBF were from build week 30/2020 up to and including week24/2021. As we transition into MY22 later this month all Golf 8 Hatch and Estate will be fitted with the
  7. Possibly they have different laws to the rest of the UK also 😬
  8. I’ve seen a GTI in moonstone around near me a few times, shame the R isn’t available in that colour as it looks well on the GTI.
  9. I’m always one for tinkering, I wonder how difficult this is.
  10. JonD999

    New RS3

    A decent spec one has got to come in £60k quite possibly even more,
  11. I don’t think he’s ever gotten over his bad experience with one, or was it several of them.
  12. I’ve not used waxes for some time, my own cars I tend to go with a ceramic sealant, then apply at topper periodically, best I’ve ever used is polish angel cosmic spritz, it gave an amazing finish on my old car but is expensive. On the family bus, past couple of time I used Fusso coat F7, for the money really good, decent durability and very easy to apply and wipe off. Dodo Juice supernatural hybrid paste sealent is another worth looking at if you like waxing your car
  13. I think part No 8K0860251 also fits, a lot cheaper if you look on fleabay, unfortunately I won’t be able to check fitment for quite some time
  14. I think you’re right, what is it on golf R £555, so it £40,555ish RTR
  15. I’d be quiet happy if mine cones with Goodyear F1 SS’s
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