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  1. Does this mean that even though the race default view is auto-selected when you press the R button, you can be in "R" mode but still choose whichever dash view you want? Or if you change the dash view the mode changes out of R?
  2. Thanks both! Good to know about the charge holding compared to fully charging while wireless. I'd assume for longer drives you could just plug in via USB and still use carplay that way and fully charge.
  3. Does an iphone 12 pro max fit in the wireless charging pad space in the center console?
  4. Can anyone please do a quick recording of how the pressure sensitive sunroof 'buttons' work to open/close/tilt the new sunroof? or point me to a place that already shows this? - I did a search and it didn't turn up anything so sorry if I missed it.
  5. Does the power button under the infotainment screen just turn off the screen or also any music/media being played? Is there a way to mute music from the steering wheel controls or infotainment screen?
  6. Welp just read through all 32 pages - awesome info in here! Thanks to all who contributed but esp Booth/Rebecca! You rock! 🙌 3 questions I didnt see asked yet: 1) do you need to manually turn on the front and rear fog/all weather lights with each ignition? 2) The R has wireless CarPlay correct? How is that working for those who have tried compared to the wired option? Does it work via wired connection too? 3) Does the VW app allow for remote start (if allowed in your area)?
  7. Thanks for the heads up Booth - appreciate it!
  8. Thanks Wrex! Doesn't look like you can download in a PDF anymore for offline use?
  9. Hello, I am looking to order a new R but want to review the owners manual while waiting. It seems the only way to get a digital copy now is with a VIN. Does anyone have a copy they would be willing to share? I'm not looking to reproduce or distribute in anyway; just want to read it over since I'm a nerd like that. Thanks for the help!
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