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  1. Yhh i have only had the car just over a month to be fair there are 2 budgets on the rears which i was hoping to change to contis this month but havent had a chance as its been with VW for just over a week, dont really want all rims refurbed to match this one just going to cause headaches in future when inevitably one of the prets needs changing
  2. Thanks for the reply, currently waiting for them to get back to me. yhh the refurb they done for mine looks more gunmetal compared to before The lepsons refurb looks bang on will see what they say and take it from there
  3. Hi everyone, I recently took my car to VW main dealer for some warranty work and my rim was damaged whilst with them along with the tyre which they have now refurbed, but the shade is completely different to the shade before and they have also replaced the continental tyre with a budget tyre :| can anyone please advise which shade is closer to OEM? I am going to call them about the tyre later on and just wanted others opinion on the colour before bringing it up Many thanks ps the first 2images are before the refurb and includes the damage done
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