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  1. Revo stage 1 made 363bhp & 360lb/ft, slightly better than I thought to be fair (my bum dyno thought about 350/350) and I had Revo stage 1 done before the elbow and TIP etc was fitted so it may have got a bit more if settings were changed I guess? I'll get my printout uploaded when I get 5mins - whats the image host to use these days?
  2. Back from Unicorn - great experience, friendly folks and the results were pretty decent too. 381bhp & 387lb/ft Thats with turbo elbow, muffler delete, TIP and R600. The car drives much better than it did before as I also had the DSG map done. I'm happy, pretty much back to the numbers that my S3 was pushing out Also had a chat about going stage 3 so I have a few things on my shopping list but that wont be able to be put in place until I can get away from Admiral and find a decent insurer, which will be the back end of May 😐
  3. I'm there this Friday mate but I'll update this thread with the results. I'm already running Revo stage 1 as I got very bored of the standard power quite quickly.
  4. I really rate R-Tech, they knocked it out of the park with my S3, the maps were spot on and I never had an issue over the many years I ran it. Unicorn have a pretty good rep for this platform and I know they have previously done some stage 3 R's too so why gamble financially when the path has already been trodden
  5. We shall see eh Coming from a Stage 2+ 8P S3 it would be nice to have that ferocity back that I used to get by pressing the go pedal down
  6. So, a bit of an update on this - I decided to go for Unicorn due to their great reputation - plus lets be honest custom maps are way better, in my experience anyway. Booked in for Stage 1 ECU and TCU maps next friday 👍 Will also pick Rick's brains on what parts he suggests for Stage 3 while I'm there too.
  7. the first thing I did was to get the soundaktor turned off then waited a month or so before I got bored and had a remap
  8. Hi all - I've had my R for around 4 months or so now and a DSG map is needed. Manual gear shifts are slow and it feels like the torque limiter is starting to kick in and ruin the fun. Current state of tune is Revo stage 1 (stepping stone only, I dont want to stay Revo) along with R600, TIP, elbow and some eibach springs. I understand Revo have a beta 7spd map out but after my dealings with Revo when I had my 8P S3 then I would rather go elsewhere, hence these 2 options. I had my 8P S3 box remapped by R-Tech so I know how these boxes can perform with a remap, which is wh
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