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  1. For me personally, I think they’re better suited as a dual colour/contrast as the spokes look too wide to be a single colour.
  2. New 18" Pretoria style alloys from CM Wheels fitted and car now cleaned. Will soon be looking at getting it professionally cleaned/detailed.
  3. My 18” Pretoria style alloys from CM wheels came with some plastic chrome centre caps, which appeared to measure 56mm. I therefore ordered these 56mm stickers and which fit the centre caps perfectly… https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184820890400 I also ordered some of these 56mm centre caps (as a potential back-up) but they don’t fit and are loose… https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184861272671 Am I being thick as to why the centre caps don’t fit? 🤪 Or should I get in contact with CM Wheels to find out what size caps I should be ordering?
  4. Managed to find a few different places that sold both the centre caps and stickers. Will see what fits and looks best before returning some of them.
  5. Today, I cleaned up and boxed up my recently refurbished Cadiz alloy wheels. Just waiting for new centre caps before taking photos of the car with the new Pretoria’s 😎
  6. That looks 👌 How much did you pay for that and how long did it take? I’m looking at getting mine done soon. The packages I was offered were… “A short valet which is a hover and wash on the outside is £25. A valet which is a hover and wash with plastics and interior polished, windows cleaned, wheels and tyres cleaned with a dressing £45. A full valet which includes full detail inside and out with 6 month coating on the wheels and paintwork, all glass and plastics protected and sealed with all carpets cleaned and protected £70.” All very reaso
  7. This thread may be of some use… Failing that… https://www.seatcupra.net/forums/threads/which-vw-group-coolant-is-required-in-a-2019-leon-cupra.459086/ (Post #10)
  8. My Mk7 has recently been in for… ”new coolant regulator unit with seals, union to oil cooler and coolant pump” They filled it up with the attached, which is G13 🤔
  9. Hope I don’t have any issue with the Prets then 😬 Any photos or links to yours with the TD’s?
  10. Hi, I have recently purchased some 18” Pretoria’s from CM wheels, which have come with the chrome (flat) centre caps measuring 56mm. Can anybody recommend either some stickers or replacement centre caps? I have found another thread that suggested the following… https://kharparts.co.uk/products/vw-56mm-hub-cap-stickers They sound like the right thing? Also, just being a bit thick… - The centre caps have an inner metal ring. Do those stay on the caps? - What’s the best/easiest/less disruptive way of removing the centre cap
  11. Hasn’t grown on me I’m afraid 😔 Maybe if the car was white, black or grey it’ll look better 🤔
  12. Although there is nothing wrong with the wheels, I personally was struggling to see how they fit in. Because of that, I decided to purchase some Pretoria’s and then look to sell the Cadiz’s. Will post some photos of the Pret’s once fitted.
  13. This car will not follow the same path as other modified cars I have owned. Apart from the general upkeep and maintenance, it has pretty much remained the same. With the existing wheels starting to look a little worse for wear, it was time to think about a refurb. I “thought” a refurb company could replicate the same finish as the Cadiz. However and being a little naive, I was told this was a diamond cut finish of which they only offered powder coat. I ended up going with an anthracite finish…
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