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  1. Demon Tweeks have them for £138+postage. Is Autodoc UK based? I recall someone telling me that they were based in Germany or something, does anyone know if import duty is a factor now when using them?
  2. I'd love to have my steering wheel done, is it really that easy to DIY the swap?
  3. I recently fitted Eibach's with12mm (front) and 15mm (rear) spacers and have no issues with rubbing at all running the Cadiz wheels.
  4. Welcome, fellow Scot here! New car looks lovely!
  5. Interested in knowing what the ride quality is like too, has anyone experienced these versus Eibach?
  6. Who is your insurer?
  7. Quite like the Cadiz in the single colour 😀 wonder if you would have gotten on better with them in silver rather than gun metal.
  8. Wish I had spent the extra and got one of these, the one I have drones a lot under partial load on the motorway
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