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  1. Seriously? They must be joking ! 😂🤣😂That is ridiculous.
  2. Thank you, that’s much appreciated 👍🏼
  3. Thank you my friend, yes I’ve already given them the heads up, and I shall remind them when they confirm the car has arrived in the Uk. I was just curious if these garages hadn’t bothered using the holes provided and just screwed it in. I suppose I’m also asking because I struggle to believe that this car doesn’t provide something as simple as some predrilled holes with built in bolts. It could be positioned in such way that it would cater for all destinations, maybe more central so it’s a good fit for the USA (so more narrow), but at least we would have something to work with. The other thing that prompted me to ask again is because when I was looking of ways to fit the plate I was looking at the option of using magnets and it looked like it was screwed in neatly, so I thought it could be it’s original position. But obviously not ☹️😂
  4. Hi all, this question may have already been asked before, so apologies if that’s the case but just asking for clarity in preparation of my car’s arrival. Does the car come from the factory with threaded number plate screw or bolt holes ? Or is there just nothing there ? Im half guessing there’s nothing because I recall that some were unhappy that their number plates got screwed in. Thank you in advance.
  5. Well I hope so for you, and the sooner the better. Could it already be in Grimsby ? I suppose that’s what we are talking about, nobody knows 😂It’s just a guessing game, they sure like to keep us on our toes. But after everything has been said and done, let’s be honest it’s exciting that our cars are on it’s way and it won’t be long Now ! We’ve served our time 😂 In theory you should be able to find the port schedule and it will show what vessels they are expecting.
  6. Wawza ! 😳 These waiting times have been mind blowing. For me I think it’s the waiting and the just not knowing that is the problem, if they could just say it’s confirmed and it will be built then at least you know what you are facing. But it would now seem that those, I included who get a confirmed BW that their cars are being built, and within give or take 4 weeks they are at Emden, so that has to be a real positive and looks like several of us are getting our cars after more or less 17 months. I have say having to chase them constantly is blooming annoying and they really aren’t fourth coming. James can’t help it, but VW really should do better and they are lucky that we are enthusiasts. But I have to say it does leave a bad taste in the mouth and it certainly takes away from the excitement.
  7. O no ! Sorry chief ☹️ What was your BW again ? Are you with Medway ?
  8. Maybe just a bit Becs 🤔😂 Well slowly but surely at least, but I tend to go with “I’ll believe it when I see it” but yes a bit surreal really. Just in time for Christmas!
  9. I’ve also had a bit of good news from the exec advising my car has been built and is @Emden 🥳 Yeehaa! 😂 Sounds like everyone who had BW 34 or 29 have their car @the port 🥳 Lets hope all our cars are on the Patara that’s due into Sheerness @20:00 hrs tomorrow!
  10. 17seconds now that has to be a world record 👍🏼 But like you say, you weren’t going to decline it. And I’ll be the same unless it’s something major of course, but then I’m sure the dealer would have advised me by then, but you never know. But yes kidding aside I know how emportant it is to run the car in properly and it will get a respectable well balanced run in period believe me and with the amount of mileage I’ll be doing I might even break a world record of my own for the longest breaking in period.
  11. Baha… now that would be impressive ! Do I just walk back in to hand the keys back and say it’s defective and i need a replacement? 😂🤣
  12. Lol… If the car parking is big enough I might even try donut mode 🔥😂 You have to check if everything is working, right ? 🤣
  13. Ahh yes thanks Becs ☺️Yes with James. I think I’ll be fairly clued up thanks to you and everyone on here ! All the info and help on here has been invaluable and without it the handover would probably take a day 😂 And also without it i may have given up. So thank you 🙏🏼 I’m not one to read much manuals or how to do guides until I get stuck 😂 But I’m sure I’ll muddle through and search on here if I need to😁 But yes parking up before I leave and getting to grips with everything will be a must and then followed by many hours playing around with it and then weeks and weeks of pre departure tweaks and checks will also be a must 😜😂”Ready for takeoff”
  14. Haha… I may be on my way to collect it, maybe not 😂 I may have transferred the deposit, maybe not 😂Who knows
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