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  1. Haha… You don’t give yourself enough credit 😜
  2. @Booth11Electric⚡️Looks awesome Becs ! That is one shiny 8R 😎
  3. Has anyone fitted an emblem cover ? The ones I’m looking at say they do not affect the ACC 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️ Or how about vinyl wrap the emblem ? Many thanks
  4. Thanks guys @JaseW & @Booth11that’s much appreciated! 👍🏼 It gives me great confidence and reassurance that it’s an awesome product 🤗 Especially knowing that you haven’t owed a car with it before and now you love it! O boy… the missis won’t be happy 😆😂 But it’s a safety feature 😇😂
  5. Well I’m surprised it’s only added one extra week! 🤯👍🏼That’s great but yeah like you say, not expecting it to be built then anyway 😆😂 Also great that you have been given week 47 (now 48) having ordered end of June. Ive been advised week 47 having ordered mid May ! 🤦🏻‍♂️ But to be honest I don’t mind the wait, I would rather them sort out the current gremlins 🤔(here’s to living in hope 😂) But I’ve decided that the only way I’m going to put this to bed is to call the local VW dealer and see if they have car with that option so I can see it with my own eyes 👀 My concerns are that I wo
  6. Great spec 👍🏼 And it’s good to see your rationale.
  7. Good question 🤔 or does Matt W drive it better ?
  8. Ahh….🤔🤯Leather and HUD are two options I haven’t specced but I keep on wondering if I should 🤔😵‍💫🤑 Will I regret not having them ? or will I regret having them ?
  9. Noice 🤩 Looks brill mate ! 👌🏼 I have to agree, in my eyes the DBP looks great from every angle 😜 Can’t wait for mine ! 🤗🕰💤
  10. I think it’s a tricky one because it really comes down to personal choice. But there are so many variables. All three colours look great on the car 😍 they all bring something different to the table and if you compare all three colours with the same wheels and PP at the same time it would be a fair comparison. Or all three without PP and the same wheels. But we know that just a minor adjustment to the angle of a photo can make a massive difference or comparing a front shot with a rear shot will make the car look completely different. Then you see the car in the
  11. Thanks Becs 🤗👍🏼 And thanks, much appreciated. I do hope I got the spec right. Yes I’m always on the look out, but nothing, not a single one ! Crazy🤪 No doubt when I get mine I will see loads ! 😂🤗 It’s always that way….hehe
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