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  1. @mmyk. @Tops1972 I also ordered mine in May 21. Tomorrow it will be one year from order. I was told on my last update exactly a month ago that my estimated BW is 28. I don’t dare ask them this month it’s been nothing but push back for the last 10 months 😂 and also hope there aren’t too many changes to MY23 that will top this rollercoaster journey and if there are any changes that it’s a positive one. I doubt it, but hey.. yes sir your golf R is now 400 BHP 🙏🏼😂
  2. Update: Ordered the 18th May 21. Latest email reply: We We have checked the VW system and today your order shows an estimated build week of week 28, which is 11th to 17th of July, however this can change.have checked the VW system
  3. Yep same here, In that case, August Price will stand 👍🏼
  4. In theory you should only ever pay what was agreed at the time. When you payed your deposit that would lock the price in. At least thats how it normally goes, but subject to who you are buying through it may differ.
  5. Yes they have removed HK option for new orders. When I placed my order it had voice control included on the standard infotainment but then they made some changes on MY22 it was removed but I could add it for £200 (price at time)
  6. Hehe.. same here, neither of those two options but just shy of 47K. Maybe we should have added one of them seeing it works out as a freebee 😂 Nah just kidding, I’m happy with my spec and payment plan and yes I’m glad I ordered it when I did 🤑
  7. Yikes 😬 To spec the same car I ordered back in May last year it would be 3K more.
  8. Good luck Becs ! 🤞🏼Hope they fix it quick sharp, update it and hand it back undamaged 😬
  9. Hadn’t seen your post on here, I said the following on the Performance Pack changes thread: Looks like they’ve fixed/updated the website, it no longer shows the larger PP spoiler on a standard car.
  10. Looks like they’ve fixed/updated the website, it no longer shows the larger PP spoiler on a standard car 😁
  11. Yes I think you are right, as it’s stands September is probably realistic 10 to 12 months from order. But who knows with these jokers 🤡we might all end up having our cars at the same time, all cars ordered between April and September 😂
  12. Yes that’s what I fear 😧 I was told about the change to the voice recognition being removed a couple of months into my order. No biggy, I just said add it on then. But at least it’s something that can be added on or retro. It will be blooming annoying if it’s big change that can’t be retro fitted after waiting such a long. But hey.. I suppose thats like with anything, they keep on changing and improving. Huh hum.. 😂
  13. When did you order yours ? Any changes could be interesting 🧐 hope nothing too drastic. Yes the private reg was not planned, but I was having a mooch (always dangerous) and I found a banger 😂🥳
  14. Yes, it’s all good for me 👍🏼I must say the wait is a little tedious, but I’m trying not focus on it too much. Realistically I’m happy to wait that bit longer to get a 22 plate, I just hope I get the car before the summer 😎 Also good thing im getting it after March because I bought personal 22 reg 😂
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