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  1. I can't establish that definitively one way or the other.
  2. Having seen Hondas efforts I'm not so sure. Shame you can't spec a car without infotainment.
  3. I think some Golf models are still made in Mexico.
  4. You should be able to press cancel. I have the impression from what I read that if you cancel multiple times then the only way to get the update is to visit the dealer.
  5. You need to book the car in with the dealer to fix the software. They will need it for a day.
  6. This is a repost of a std car on delivery miles on the dyno https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kvDWaiSPh84 340 BHP indicated. I don't personally think there is a more powerful engine. Maybe we are at cross purposes?
  7. ...and in the UK every dyno test I've seen is making? 😉
  8. For you car to connect to the internet (white globe) the car needs to get onto a mobile network. I think it's Hutchinson who provide the service to VW. Hutchinson rent space from various mobile operators. So the first issue is possible throttling due to a lack of mobile bandwidth being available. Hutchinson are then reliant of the mobile operators servers connecting to their servers. Finally Hutchinson servers need to connect to VW servers. For what it's worth My 6 year old Audi loses connection to the mother ship occasionally. I get the message "online data not available" de
  9. 245kW is 320 BHP give or take. At least I think that is the case.
  10. VW do seem to anticipate OTA won't work for everything and if you keep cancelling the offered update then a dealer visit is the only answer. Given that VW themselves advise servicing agents to hook the car up to an auxiliary power source when doing a software update I know what I'll be doing.
  11. Found this online. Don't know how old it is https://www.vw.com/en/software-update.html
  12. If you read some of the TPI's you'll notice that VW instruct dealers to hook the car up to an auxiliary power source when updating. Good sense would dictate that such large file transfers were managed in the background while the car is being driven. Our dealer needed 7 hours to service, fix the heated seat issue and update the software. The car went to the workshop immediately it was booked in.
  13. According to our dealer it helpful to have registered when you need to have software updates. Use of the App seems to bring a fair few features. You may or may not think they are useful. Locate the car maybe the most useful. You can do things like flash the lights in the carpark. I think as primary user you can track the user of key 2 if you set up a seperate profile.
  14. Agree that front, rear and side assist are all very useful.
  15. We don't use the app. We registered on We Connect using the "two key" method. We also have a lot of the help turned off. We don't use the travel assist at all. Car is great and gets better as you turn off the driver assistance systems. Just our opinion of course.
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