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  1. Lapiz Blue, near J34 of the M4
  2. I expect to get flamed for this. Spec the car that you want if you are buying it and intend to keep it. The tax will become insignificant compared to the total running costs of the car. Putting almost anything on the car will boost the price over £40k. From what everybody is saying I can only conclude ours was a cancelled order. We ended up having to sell our GTi really quickly as we got a delivery date out of the blue.
  3. For sure - not if you click the little save option below the keypad. However some people think it is a useful security feature. Volkswizard on You Tube seems happy to tap it in every time.
  4. The second user dash view is the factory default view AFAIK. We had it appear when we set the user profile. Good to know that it can tell the difference between the two keys. ...now I wonder what happens if both keys are in the car at the same time? (Bridge too far maybe?)
  5. So far we only have one profile set up. Does not matter which key is used the car wakes up and says "Hello Mrs aldfort" Next I am going to set up one seat profile using Mrs A's key as suggested above. Then I'm going to set up a second profile while using the other key.
  6. We have the plastic one that looks just like the foam one. In the Q3 I've fitted the liner with a non slip mat. enthusiastic driving defeats anything except a net.
  7. Couple of late random thoughts. I don't think you can make the Guest user profile default to anything except max privacy. You need to change it to a "lower" privacy setting each time you start the engine. Once you have a user profile then it seems to remember your individual privacy setting. Re the keys, since you need both keys to set up your profile the car does not care which one you use. UNLESS the primary user creates a secondary user profile. However, the car can remember your seating preference based on which key you use allegedly. Or you can set up two sea
  8. We will bottom this out. I hope VW are reading this thread. 😀
  9. Sorry, still reading up on this "issue". I started with lights. Currently reading ACC in detail.
  10. After much scanning of the handbook it says this about travel lighting: Which suggests to me the car should be set up for driving on the left as the default in the UK and the switch in the infotainment is for very limited periods when you are driving on the right.
  11. Quick update on the spare wheel question. If you don't spec the improved audio then you don't have the fixed bolt under the boot floor that would secure the space saver spare. I've not pulled out the lower "floor" to see what is underneath yet but the long bolt would be needed as a minimum.
  12. ...Umm? what happens if you tell this dealer that you wish to take delivery of the car on day one of the new reg becoming available? Most dealers are set up to do this.
  13. It's the cheapest way to ensure longevity of the engine and drivetrain. I suppose it depends on how long you plant to keep the car. I was allowed my first proper drive today and I think we'll be keeping it for a long time.
  14. Sinclair VW Bridgend (S Wales) are excellent to deal with, particularly on the service side.
  15. Is there some confusion here? I am pretty sure the car can be set to fixed or variable service and this depends on the duty cycle on the engine and drivetrain (it may well be the Mk8 can now work this out for itself.) Cars that are used for long journeys can be on a variable schedule (long life) and cars that will be used for shorter journeys will be on a fixed schedule. The only thing this enables is the on board computer to predict next service due. The service plan is a simple contract between you and VW (well, you and VW and the dealer in reality). It agrees to provi
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