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  1. Double check the optional extras on the car if there is any, I know that on autotrader it can list extras that aren't actually on the car so be wary of this as I was caught out by this when buying my mk7 r just before the new year. It was a good 600 mile round trip to get the car so by the time I got down there and realised a few extras weren't actually there I was already too late to really pull out.
  2. Jeez that is bad, did you feel a difference after cleaning the filter?
  3. I've saw a lot of horror stories on here with the filter not being cleaned, it was the first thing I asked when I phoned up my local specialist the other day. I personally know the guy so hopefully he'll get it done properly, I'll still be asking for before and after pictures to be safe and to see just how bad the filter is since it was due over 25k miles ago. I'll be sure to send pics in here once I've got it done as I'm sure I saw a topic about how bad they were.😄
  4. It's a 2014 mk7 at 55k miles, bought it a few weeks ago and got the information the other day that the previous owner hasn't done a dsg or haldex service.
  5. Yeah I don't have ramps or anything so I would basically be starting from nothing, might be worth while getting this done by the professionals and investing in some ramps etc in the future.
  6. Still on the fence as to whether to do this or not if anyone has any opinions.
  7. I recently made a post about my car needing a haldex and dsg service, at the time of reading the post I phoned up a vw main dealer and audi/vw specialist to get some quotes on how much it would cost to get both done. The best quote I got was from the audi/vw specialist at £270 for both and they also confirmed they take out the pump and clean the filter. My question is should I go to the specialist and get the work done or would it be worth while buying the tools/equipment etc and doing it myself, I don't mind getting my hands dirty but I'm unsure if it's worth the extra work to (maybe) sa
  8. Thanks for the advice, I'll make sure and ask for pictures as when I was on the phone asking for a quote they firstly told me the haldex didn't have a filter (this was a vw dealer) and said it was only the gearbox that had it. Of course at the time I just agreed but will be getting back on the phone to them to make sure they clean the haldex filter and send me pictures. I've noticed the gear changes have been a bit sluggish since I got the car although I haven't driven an R before so I didn't know if that's how it should've been, of course now that I've been told it was due a service 15k
  9. Recently bought a 2014 Golf r with 55k miles on the clock for a really good price and FVWSH. I’ve contacted the dealer it was serviced at to confirm if it has had a dsg and haldex service but they don’t have any of them recorded on their system. I’m getting both done in a week or so but I’m just wondering if this will have any detrimental effects on the dsg or haldex?
  10. Hi all new 7r owner here, I've looked all around the internet to see if I can find someone selling a forged carbon dsg gear selector and cannot seem to find any company selling one. All I can see is carbon fibre ones, which are not to my taste at all, just wondering if anyone has come across any or knows a company that can do custom work with forged carbon.
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