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  1. I had the yellowstuff pads on my golf for a few months but I took them off as I was getting really bad squealing, this was after doing the proper bed in procedure. Also they give off a lot of brake dust so I had to clean my wheels more than I would have liked 😂
  2. Appreciate all the replies, going to give millers nano a try for this service and see how it goes with stage 1. I'll make sure and change it before 7k to be safe and go from there.
  3. That’s the first I’ve heard of that, but if that’s the case then I may stay clear of millers then.
  4. I've got a service to do in the coming weeks and plan on going stage 1 within a few months, what's the recommended oil people are using when going stage 1. I understand that different may recommend different oils but I'd just like to hear what the majority go for, I've read up a bit myself on oils and I see quite a few people saying millers nanodrive 5w40 is good to use but i've noticed a nt+ version and I'm not entirely sure what the difference is. Also for reference I'm driving a mk7 Golf.
  5. Has anyone got any dragy times from MRC tunes? They seem to be my best bet where I’m from so would like to see what they can do.
  6. So around a month ago I got the much needed res delete on the golf r and the new sound it made was great, now I'm not sure if I've just not noticed until now but I seem to be getting a lot more overrun compared to when I first got the res delete. The dsg shifts also seem to be louder than when I first got the res delete done, could my cat be on it's way out or am I just now noticing the real noise of the res delete?
  7. Just got the car back from being detailed today, but so far the brakes seem to be working a charm. There’s still a slight squeal when at lower speeds while braking so I need to find what’s causing that but the stopping power etc feels great.
  8. Excuse the dirt, typical scottish weather. Had these fitted today and the pads/discs were done yesterday by myself and it is now away to get detailed. I know black on black isn't for everyones taste but what's the point in modifying your car for others.
  9. Will let you know once I’ve passed the bedding in process
  10. Ideal, made sure to replace the pad with the wear indicator on the same side I was just unsure about these ones but thanks for the info I feel better about fitting them as I did now.
  11. Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can quickly help me as I’m currently replacing pads and discs on my golf r, I’ve got the yellow stuff pads but there doesn’t seem to be a inside/outside narked on the pads and they are all the same with the exception of the wear indicator one. Just wondering if anyone has installed them and if there is a specific way they are installed?
  12. Running the exact same as you and they’re getting fitted on Tuesday, how’s the figment front and rear?
  13. Sounds like you know what you're talking about, excited to see where this build goes.
  14. Gloss black would go nice with black wheels.
  15. Good to know and sorry to hear about the same issue with your TTS, it's a shame that you pointed this out but never rectified it. At least you know its going to a good detailer if you choose it yourself.
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