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  1. I feel your pain. Mine arrives tomorrow. Yet today feels like its been about 300 hour long 😀. Saying that, it's probably karma as they could have delivered it today, but i declined as i am working from home, and there was no chance i could force myself to sit in the house on my laptop if the R was parked on the driveway!
  2. Could be worse. Could you imagine being stuck in the pub with him and his monotone voice. He could bore a glass eye to sleep. 💤
  3. Yeah, I dare say i would rather be seen in my dad than the Civic 🤢
  4. Is it only me then who thinks the Honda is F'ugly?
  5. Fair to say i am jealous!, only another 8 more sleeps for me. Not that i am counting or anything!!
  6. Had the phonecall today regarding mine. It is being delivered on the 25th. Will no doubt be the longest two week ever now though
  7. Im from Derbyshire, the dealer is in Berkshire though. To be fair they have been decent so far with the service provided
  8. Oh jeez. Don’t say that. Iv got a car on order with them. They are saying it’s in Sheerness now awaiting the transporter. Only signed the finance agreement Monday. Said will be with me by the end of the month. Got me worried now. 🥲
  9. Wasn’t me chap but seen you must be local to me then. I’m on the Mansfield border with Chesterfield
  10. Different car I know but I have a Merc CLA. The bollards in the middle of the road for pedestrian crossing areas on busier roads send it crackers. Every time I go past a set or someone stood in the raised kerb area waiting to cross sets it off. So annoying.
  11. Dopper you have hero status with me now haha. Just need to see how they fit and make sure isn’t going to cause any permanent markings on the car. Will then get one ordered. Cheers again
  12. Brill. Much appreciated
  13. Cheers chaps. Will keep scouring the forum and post a link when i find it
  14. Hi. just wondering if anyone k owe the part number and if it’s possible to order the performance pack spoiler separately? Also how it fixes? I ask as getting the car on a lease deal. So I would have had to pay the 2k for the performance pack off over the 3 year lease. Decided it would make more sense to use the standard alloys over winter and then get some aftermarket alloys for the summer months. And then retro fit the spoiler and return the car to standard at the end of the lease and sell the spoiler and alloys etc. Cheers in advance. Probably a bit of a newb
  15. Exactly same again 😂. Mines through Marshall’s @ Loughton. Can’t knock the efficient service so far at all.
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